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Sunday, May 07, 2017

Progress and regress

Behold a finished block. It was supposed to be finished yesterday, but wasn't. I put this together before church this morning. There's a second finished block now, and it looks roughly the same on the front, but all of the blue/white half square triangle blocks are Frankenblocks. The white parts are intact, while the blue bits are cobbled together because I didn't cut out enough of them, and I had to get creative with my remnants.

I had to frog about half an inch on the body of Avery's sweater, because I dropped a stitch several rows down. There wasn't enough give in the fabric to use a crochet hook to ladder it back up and slip it onto the needles. I'm letting the frogged yarn rest for a day or two before resuming work on the sweater.

So I grabbed the blue sock yarn I bought at Fleece a month or so ago, with the idea of casting on a pair of baby socks. My vintage umbrella swift refused to stay clamped to the table. I draped the hank around two chair backs and wound a cake in something like half an hour. If the swift had cooperated, it would have taken maybe five minutes. Maybe.

Church today was pretty awesome. The testimonies of my fellow Saints were instructive and moving. I was able to lead the music in sacrament meeting without any squawking from my shoulder. Zero pain. It's twinging a little now, but I've just given it a half hour workout, winding the blue yarn and rewinding a ball that a shop had wound for me when I bought it, but more tightly than I like to work with. I was able to attend all three hours of meetings and go visit a friend after church.

After which, I came home, had a PBJ washed down with a mug of buttermilk, and took a moderate nap. I would really like to sit down and knit on Avery's sweater, but it's better if I don't. So I guess I will cast on a baby sock and knit until my muscle relaxer kicks in.

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