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Tuesday, May 02, 2017

What I wrote + what I said + what Fourthborn wrote.

It's been an altogether weird day. I was three minutes late to work. This is what I sent to my office manager: "Middlest overslept, and it’s a school day, and I forgot to turn right where I usually do on those days, so we drove through three school zones. This day can only get better."

It did, and it didn't. I was reasonably productive, and I fought almost all day to remain awake. About two hours into the day it occurred to me that I should go to drugs.com and check for interactions, as I switched my antihistamine yesterday. Bingo! Moderate interactions between my antihistamine and my muscle relaxer, between my antihistamine and my anti-anxiety med, and between my muscle relaxer and my anti-anxiety med.

This was not noticeable when I was on fexofenadine, which keeps me awake at night if I take it with my other meds. Which is why I was taking it with my morning prescription. It is extremely noticeable when I am on Zyrtec. So I messaged Fourthborn: "Next time you bubble to the surface please write or print me a note that says 'don't take the @$%# Zyrtec in the morning, wait until evening meds' and put it on my bed. Thanks!" [I used symbols instead of swearing. If I knew how to pronounce them, I'd use them in real life in lieu of childbirth words.]

This is what my polite child wrote and left on my bed.

I trust that she's taking her meds with greater compliance than she's taking dictation.

PT in the morning. Body is screaming for sleep. Brain is going pingety-ping. Wish me luck.

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