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Thursday, May 11, 2017

I was right. (I *love* being right!)

First of all, thank you to Anonymous and Sherry for your comments on last night's post. And the rest of y'all? Please keep Sherry in your prayers. She's one of the most patient and Christlike people I know. Good all the way to the bone.

Today was a fairly fractured day at work. Got there on time, worked through my emails and ToDo's, and still managed to get the form filled out for a replacement birth certificate for Fourthborn, a cover letter created, the whole packet for her application for JPS Connection assembled and scanned and password protected and emailed to the hospital.

Office manager graciously approved PTO at lunchtime so I could dash to the post office, buy the money order to pay for the replacement birth certificate, a return Express Mail envelope, and a larger Express Mail envelope to enclose everything, and postage both ways. Got that mailed off. Took a full hour.

Back to the office, where I took a full lunch, starting 15 minutes later than usual. Which meant that I had a whole hour to print off the signed mail, deal with the emails that flew into my box while I was out, and skim the incoming mail before leaving for the funeral. (More on that, later.)

The wages of disorganization are exorbitant, as I have learned in my own life. $23 for the replacement birth certificate. Just under $24 each for two stamps to get it there and back. I have faith that we can get my kid's physical and mental health stabilized. Today I have faith. The past few days I have been just this shy of full-on panic. But it's definitely better today.

I dropped Middlest at school for a final exam on my way to work. As we rode along, Middlest informed me that Beloved has been literally at my back for the past several days, and that since Fourthborn has been staying with us, there is a guardian just inside the front door and another standing at the entrance to my bedroom.

Which makes me wonder, when L spoke about the presences in her hospital room last night, how many of them were assigned to her, and how many to me?

The funeral was lovely. It was my first Catholic funeral, and I have to say that the responses are different from when I was in love with a Catholic boy my first year of college. Not a lot different, but different nonetheless. I stood and sat, stood and sat, declined to kneel, and finally just sat with my arms reverently folded because my knees whined enough already!

I meant to stop at the grocery store on the drive home, to pick up two dozen flour tortillas for our Doce de Mayo party at work tomorrow. And half a block away I had a stupor of thought and drove right past the store, not realizing it until I was three blocks north. I conveniently decided it was a sign that I should just go on home, hug the kids, and take a nap. So I did.

I may have mentioned getting a letter from the company that administers the stocks which I inherited from Beloved, that there were a few unclaimed dividend checks from 2013 (the year he passed) that were in danger of being claimed by the State of Texas. I filled out their paperwork, and when I got home there was an envelope with a check for $19.06 waiting for me.

I love it when the window envelopes enclose "here ya go" instead of "gimme, gimme."

So I woke up around 9:30, have eaten a simple dinner and taken my evening meds, and I think my muscle relaxer has kicked in. Night, y'all.

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