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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

A Few More Goodbyes

I went in yesterday to say goodbye to Captain Kolache. I dropped what I hope is the last of the recycling off at a neighborhood school and drove down the block to his shop. Got a little sniffly on the way. He is such a good man, and I used to have quite the crush on him.

I’m sure that the Bluebonnet Bakery in Fort Worth is every bit as good as my friend says it is. I’m also sure that they don’t have anybody there like the kolache man. Or cinnamon rolls that look like this.

That are made by someone who sings in his kitchen.

I did get the big ugly box in the dining room emptied out into smaller boxes. And a box filled to the brim with papers to be filed, and a smaller box filled with papers to be shredded, and another shopping bag of non-confidential, non-recyclable stuff into the trash.

And my computer desk?

I am ready to kiss it goodbye. I will set up my computer on one of the tables in my studio. And the Incredible Hulk [a/k/a “Toebreaker”] will be history.

And then there are these ultra-cheap khakis that I bought several months ago

and have only worn twice, because when I washed them, all the life washed out of them. I am setting them aside for Middlest, because the fabric ought to be a good weight for doll clothes. Buh-bye!

I lost another toenail but will spare you the visual. Several weeks ago I whacked the daylights out of that toe, ran it right into the side of a wire basket on the floor of my bathroom. So I knew that once the nail grew out a bit, it would leap like a lemming off the end of my toe. And it has. At this rate, by the time that Brother Right shows up in my life, I will never have to trim or polish toenails again!

Now if I could just figure out how to keep my eyebrows from migrating down to my chin, I would be the most low-maintenance middle-aged woman in Texas.

Here is all the neat stuff that has wandered in from eBay over the past couple of weeks, since I photographed the silver in its storage case. My stainless arrived yesterday.

And here are miscellaneous bits of the white stoneware. Square salad plates and cereal bowls.

An oval serving platter, for serving ovals. Or dining in the Oval Office? No, they probably have their own dishes.

More than a little blurry, sorry; I can barely focus my eyes this morning, much less a camera.

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