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Five years into widowhood, after one year of incredible happiness and nearly 14 years of single blessedness. Have given up perfect manicures and pretty hands in order to resume playing the soprano recorder and to see if I can figure out how to play bluegrass banjo. Singing in the shower. Still really, *really* love to knit!

Monday, June 09, 2008

Somebody Stole Our Patio Furniture!

It was right here when I went to bed Saturday night. Two green plastic [resin?] chairs and a loveseat.

LittleBit discovered their absence when she left to take her father to his church yesterday morning.

I can only hope that Charlie, the feral cat who roams this property and likes Rose and tolerates me, had peed all over it, like the neighbors’ cats did with our old Christmas tree that we stored in the rafters of the barn, 20 years ago in Irving. Who on earth is desperate enough to want two old armchairs and a faded loveseat? Weird.

On the other hand, that’s three less things to move next Saturday. Maybe this is a blessing in disguise?

I went to Relief Society in the old ward yesterday morning, picked up a copy of my membership record from the ward clerk, and took it with me to church in my new ward yesterday afternoon. Met my new bishop, my new Relief Society president, and the Elders Quorum president, who is coordinating the receiving end of my move. His wife taught in RS today. I made new friends, and the bishop says they have already discussed a calling for me but cannot extend it until they have my records. They sent for them yesterday and hope to have them shortly; at any rate, I have an interview with him next Sunday.

There were only 17 sisters in Relief Society, as compared to the 40 or so that I’m used to. Which will make it easier and faster to connect names and faces. I’ve already signed up for a cannery assignment in July. I *think* this will be canning for my year’s supply, and I’m not sure what we will be putting up, but I’ll be there.

I can tell that this is the place where I am supposed to be, for now. It’s already beginning to feel like home.

I have one last, smallish pile to sort through, and miscellaneous knitting and sewing bits to stow in the bins, and my room will be packed. And then there are half a dozen or so biggish boxes in the living room that I want to decant into smaller boxes and re-label. My goal is to be able to sit on the couch on Friday [when I’m off] and knit and watch DVD’s and knit and listen to podcasts and knit.

Not much knitting yesterday. Four hours of church, in buildings ten or so miles apart, will cut into your knitting time. [Yes, I had it with me when I went to the new ward, but I figure I should let them get used to me gradually.] I am approaching the midpoint on the seventh pattern repeat. And according to my lovely little digital scale, I have used less than half of the ball. So there should be no problem knitting this to the length the pattern specifies, and I may have leftovers, which might do well as the airy ruffle on a pair of Mrs. Beeton’s. I found my printout of several months back, while sorting through paperwork this weekend. Also the missing CD of my Book of Mormon audiobook, the part with King Benjamin’s address.

So in spite of losing some furniture, I’ve rediscovered at least a few of my marbles. See?


Bonnie said...

Cretins! Well, now maybe you will be able to get some lovely vintage patio furniture and refinish the pieces. Much more personalized. I'm glad that you like your new ward already. When they changed our ward boundaries we lost some good friends to your new ward. Have a great day!

Jenni said...

That patio furniture was sad. Whoever took it deserves it!

Tan said...

Wow, sorry about your patio furniture.

It has never occured to me to take my membership record with me when I move. That would eliminate some weird problems such as when we moved into our current ward and they received the membership for the wrong family (same head of household name).

Rorek said...

It's funny, but my friend Christy said something similar in regards to Nick and Ti. They deserve each other, in the worst possible way. They bring out the worst in each other and there is very obvious trouble in paradise now that I'm not there to mediate. I know I shouldn't be smug about it, but I am.

And I'm sorry that some dweeb stole your patio furniture, but as Bonnie said, maybe you can get(or make) something nice and personalized for the new place.