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Saturday, June 14, 2008

Sticker Shock + Today’s Adventures

Taken Thursday morning on my way to work.

That is what it cost to tank my car. Oye.

I didn’t think to photograph the pump when I tanked the truck before returning it, but diesel was $4.79 a gallon. Oye, squared.

The move went well. Mostly. The truck was two hours late. The owner of the shop called the trucking company and very politely embroidered the manager a new one. Said manager ended up driving to Weatherford [way beyond the west side of Fort Worth] and bringing me a truck. And an additional discount.

So, my local dudes showed up and cleared a path and waited patiently. And after I brought the truck, one of them expertly backed it up to the entrance, and controlled frenzy ensued. It took them just about exactly the hour and fifteen minutes that I thought it would. I still have a few small items to bring over, but all the hard, heavy, nasty stuff is done.

I called the new guys and set back their arrival one hour. It took a little longer to unload the truck, even with three dollies, because we had to navigate around the porch rail, but I turned in the truck four and a half hours after I picked it up.

LittleBit drove Lorelai over to FW for me, because as I got behind the wheel of the truck I realized that I had not had breakfast. Or lunch. And I was nigh unto a weepfest. Yay for Dairy Queen; there’s one less than a mile from the new place, and she picked up a burger and a Blizzard for me, which I chased with three Blizzard-cups full of water.

At which point she informed me that I was not to set foot outside the duplex, but just play traffic controller until the truck was empty. My face was the color of my car.

As I write this on Secondborn’s computer, the Bitties are napping sweetly. She’s napping on the couch, and I am well and truly cooled-off. And thinking about being hungry again. My new range is good to go, the new water heater is readying tonight’s bath, and I don’t want to see or talk to anybody I’m not related to until the morning, except maybe for WWKIP folks. My feet are so tender from all that standing and all that schlepping that I think I just want to go home and hook up the C-PAP and take a nap.

I am so blessed.

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fiberjoy said...

Whoo-hoo, isn't it great to have the bulk of stuff moved!

Sounds like you made excellent efficient use of your truck time.

Relax and enjoy the evening.

Blessings on your new home, I pray that it's a place of peace and joy.