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Saturday, June 19, 2010

A productive day.

When last we left our intrepid heroine, she was facing a cluttered desk, an overflowing inbox, and an attorney who is used to things flowing out of said inbox nearly as quickly as they flow in.

It was quite the week for meetings. Two-plus hours on Wednesday for the support staff meeting. Another two hours for a secretarial committee meeting on Thursday to discuss workflow, during which I learned at least one thing that will simplify closing files. I may have mentioned this in Friday’s post, but I don’t have time to go back and look.

A third two-hour meeting yesterday (a teleconference with Corporate via speakerphone), from which the office manager released support staff about midway. Have I mentioned how much I appreciate my office manager?

The nice guy from Ad Services (they do the heavy lifting) was in the office to check on things. While he was there, we got the long shelf installed in my cubicle, and he plugged in the light to my short shelf. There was already more ambient light in the new cubicle; now my workspace is lit up like Vegas, and (I think) I noticed a significant increase in comfort. But that may simply have been anticipation for last night’s dinner with my friend Leslye.

Rockfish. Jalapeno cream soup and their delicious side Caesar salad. No room for dessert, just girl talk and lots of laughter.

I came home to a phone call from one of the sisters in our ward, who had an *interesting* request. I’ll bring it up in ward council. Or maybe I’ll get a flash of inspiration while I’m at the temple this morning.

Yesterday was the first day, all week, where I felt truly productive. As I said, it’s been quite the week: moving cubicles, three long meetings, and then all the other things they pay me [quite nicely, in my humble opinion] to do. Before I left, I was able to get my rogues’ gallery of pictures up on the long shelf. I made three separate trips to the mail room yesterday. I am nearly finished typing a supplemental discovery report to Claims that I have been chewing away at since Wednesday. Possibly Tuesday. Lots of dates. Lots of other statistics. And my nails are just *that much* too long for efficient typing.

I’ll go see NailDude again on Monday or next Thursday (Tuesday night we have a watermelon seed spitting contest in RS; he’s closed on Wednesdays).

Time to grab my gym bag and start enjoying all the activities I have mapped out for today.

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