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Saturday, June 05, 2010

The year of eating dangerously

Lunch yesterday at Mama’s Daughters, a diner just west of downtown Dallas that has three other locations. I ate all of my salad (nice variety of greens), half of my potatoes and brown gravy, about a third of my candied yams (quite possibly the best I have eaten), and maybe a quarter of my roast beef in (more) brown gravy. I have at least two meals left. Took my six-pack-size cooler to work with me, and after work I filled it halfway with ice and then put in the clamshell of leftovers so everything would stay cool and safe in the trunk while I ate dinner with Brother Sushi.

We dined at Maggiano’s, where we ate two months ago. We toyed with the idea of having only appetizers and desserts, but ended up splitting an order of tomato caprese and having individual margherita flatbreads. I ate every bit of my half of the caprese, maybe a third of my flatbread, which they immediately boxed up for me. And then it was on to our entrées. I don’t remember what he ate, but it looked good. I had the chicken pesto linguine, and it was even better than the lobster alfredo that I had last time. I ate maybe a tithe of it, and the rest is boxed up in two containers. I also have Brother Sushi’s leftover spaghetti, as he doesn’t like leftover pasta, and I have no such scruples. And I snagged the second chunk of Italian bread (for dipping) but was too tired to wrap it up when I got home last night, so it is probably well and truly dried out this morning. I suppose I could make French toast with it...

I need to get a fresh batch of storage ware and put all of this into individual portions and chuck some of it into the freezer. I know I have at least a week’s worth of food stacked up in my fridge. I will only need to get fresh milk and some fruits and veggies. Mindless evening refueling at its absolute best.

We just laughed and groaned when our waiter asked if we wanted dessert. But I’m rather proud of myself, because I paid attention to portion sizes and ate the healthy stuff first.

Tonight it will be Tex-Mex at Nelda’s with my friend Jody. Before I started working out, I could only eat half of my dinner there. I’m guessing now it will be more like a third. Two more meals...

No knitting yesterday, because I got to work and realized I’d left a needle at home (I am working these socks on DP’s rather than Magic Loop technique). I will remedy that today.

But first, I need to grab the gym bag and get moving. Today should be another lovely extended workout (treadmill, recumbent bike, weight circuit, and pool); a small batch of laundry, my hair, my nails, maybe connection with my friend Lauren to relieve her of the vintage knitting needles she offered. Then dinner with Jody.

I also need to assemble the ideas that have been rattling around in my head, because it’s my turn to teach RS tomorrow. All of which will keep me from spazzing about Monday night until, one hopes, Monday morning.

Be good, y’all, and remember who you are...

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