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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Epigenetics in Aulis

One of my friends posted about this on Facebook, and I made one of my typically smart-aleck replies. Doesn’t everybody read epigenetics and think Iphegenia? Bueller? Bueller?

So, I am officially vacating today. Have a doctor’s appointment in a couple of hours, to check my vitamin D levels. I was so single-minded when her office called to remind me yesterday, that I did not remember to ask what sort of bodily fluid they needed to test that.

Enter the internet, where after a couple of minutes of tweaking my request, I had news I could use. Blood. They are out for blood. When I am there, I will ask if they need it fasting or if I can eat first, should this supplementation and testing become a regular thing. Right now I am taking no chances, and I am giving thanks that I do not have to “hold it” for two hours.

I am also going to ask why we are supplementing me like this. When I got the results back from my well-woman, my wonderful doctor said that my bone density levels were stellar (better than they were three years ago). I know she has an excellent reason. I just don’t know what it is.

I am also planning to get my flu shot today, preferably for free at the doctor’s office, but if they are out of vaccine I will go to the pharmacy.

There will be more shredding, and I plan to make a nice big pot of potato leek soup and a pan of cornbread for dinner tonight. And tomorrow night. And...

There will also be knitting. I want to finish Blessing’s shrug, and that will almost certainly happen in the next day or so. And then I want to get started on Willow’s socks, although I have no idea which pattern in my Ravelry queue I might want to use. Probably something a little lacy, because this is an alpaca blend and therefore quite warm; it is also black, so any fancy cabling would be more or less invisible.

After a grueling day at my desk, I had my first committee meeting for the Night in Old Bethlehem we are doing in December. It is going to be a whale of a lot of work, and I came home brim-full of enthusiasm, notwithstanding how tired I was. And still am, a little, after six!!! hours of sleep.

No time to work out this morning. I will take care of that later today, after the vampires are done with me and after I have eaten.

Nice chat with the new guy last night. I’ve been dating him for nearly five months, and still no idea what to call him. Any of you who think that there are no good men out there? I know several, and I’m dating one of them.

This is where I normally say that it’s time to grab breakfast and start getting ready for work. No breakfast, yet, and no idea what I want to wear to the doctor’s office, and I wish I could throw half the contents of my fridge into the Ubiquitous Red Bag, I’m that hungry.

Nevertheless, life is good.

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Jenni said...

Willow says she got your msg via fb but was driving and couldn'e respond. Size 9 wide shoes.