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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Q & A

Taken [mostly] from various comments on sundry posts in the last month or so. And sometimes followed by my posted responses to those comments. Because I am too tired to think this morning, but do remind me to tell you about the adventures [amusing but exhausting] which I had in downtown Fort Worth yesterday while striving to get that certified police report.

Q. I'm not sure if I remember the people you are referring to. Were they kids? Did their dad take us to that Polar Bear ice cream parlor once?
A. Yes, they were kids. But not those kids: those were Amber and Mahonri and all the ones that zoomed along after them, whose dad was our home teacher the summer your dad was in Amarillo with the car, and I was home with you kids and the money.

Q. Does he get to meet her first because her kids are so cute, and she and hubby are not as scary as my crew?
A. Yeah, pretty much. He is a sucker for cute little kids. No, I don’t fight fair, why do you ask? (He also appreciates beautiful women, so you and Lark will probably be next.)

Q. Do you remember creepy squirrel (the ceramic squirrel who lived on Firstborn’s neighbor’s porch when she lived in the apt complex right before she moved to Florida)?
A. I do. Creepy squirrel may be the only inhabitant of those apartments, other than the security dude in his pickup truck. The last time I was by there, all the apartments were empty, and there was a six-foot chain link fence all around the property. Plus, it bordered the creek which flooded out all those houses a few weeks ago, including my friend Leslye’s.

Q. What if I gifted my phone to you in another month or so?
A. Is that offer still good?

Q. Who wrote the book of love?
A. Dang if I know.

The George Foreman grill is at its new home. We did a trunk to trunk transfer after the temple session last night.

Two days.


Jenni said...

The phone offer is still good, but it will be a little while longer as there was a snafu at Sprint and Derek managed to use my upgrade and they are trying to tell me it will be Aug 11 before I get another one. If that's the case, I will be switching providers. Give me until after the first of the year and I hope to have it all wrangled out according to my evil plans! Muwah ha ha ha.

Bonnie said...

I'm so excited to be the subject of a countdown. Or at least part of the subject of a countdown...