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Friday, October 15, 2010

Yawwwnnnn... Stretchhhhh...

I love vacation! [I know, I know: nobody likes me.]

Yesterday I finished the shrug for Blessing, my first and largest doll. I also retrofitted my temple skirt with one pocket (hand-stitched in the interest of sanity, if not of time). And I watched/listened to 3.5 movies and didn’t leave the house until it was time to head up to the temple.

And that was about it. My elaborate plans for cleaning and foofing just kinda piddled away in the steady progression of stitch after stitch.

I wrangled Blessing back into her skirt, the one I washed after the sap incident on Memorial Day Weekend, when we did the photoshoot at the Botanical Gardens. Said skirt has been draped over a hanger on the back of the bathroom door for four and a half months.

We make haste slowly, around here.

I am heading to the gym in a few minutes. Slept in until nearly 7:00a.m. I think that after I get home, if I don’t immediately head to my boudoir for a nap, I will tidy up the bead-buttons on Blessing’s sweater, which have a distressing tendency to leap out of their buttonholes. I don’t want her flashing the new guy on his first visit, next weekend.

The temple session last night was pretty amazing. We had so many people turn up that they had to run three sessions instead of the two which were planned. And (miracle of miracles) I got to the temple sufficiently early that I was able to make a quick purchase at the Distribution Center and stow it in the trunk, then do four initiatories before I needed to head to the chapel for our session.

Ordinarily, I skip the ice cream social which the marrieds hold for us at a nearby meetinghouse afterward. But I wanted a chance to hug the new guy. I actually spent more time visiting with the other two petri dishes [I know, some of you think that is distinctly weird], but I did get that hug. One of the other petri’s is defending her dissertation on Tuesday, so I put her on the prayer roll and will keep her in my own prayers until she’s gotten through that.

Yes, I like her that much. The other one, too, who told me last night that I ought to go for it, as she thinks he’s a little too old for her. Other petri told me to take good care of our guy tonight, as she has other responsibilities and will not make either dance or the workshops tomorrow.

My pleasure, sister, my pleasure.

He called a few minutes ago, to let me know of a new(ish) development for tonight’s dance, so I have already heard his voice today, which makes a beautiful morning just that much better.

Am hoping to have Willow’s first sock on the needles when I go to the dance tonight. But first, swatch happens...

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Bonnie said...

My mom the scientist, playing nicely with petri dishes. :)