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Thursday, October 14, 2010

See no weevil, hear no weevil, speak no weevil

Because I crack myself up!

(And because not all of you are on Facebook.)

Had a good, quick visit with my doctor yesterday. I asked her why I’ve been taking the vitamin D for two months. She said it was a preemptive strike against osteoporosis. She is hoping that by getting my vitamin D level up to normal, I can maintain that by a thoughtful diet and supplemental calcium with vitamin D.

I was pleasantly surprised to discover that there was no co-payment; I had a credit, which probably dates back to my well-woman in July, where the EOB stated that there was no co-payment, but my debit card said otherwise. I’ve since gotten the paperwork and submitted it to my medical reimbursement account.

I was unpleasantly surprise to learn that I’ve gained eight pounds since my well-woman. Some of that is due to a certain someone’s good cooking. More of it is attributable to my only working out three days a week, on average, for the past several weeks. Needless to say, that is going to change.

I spent a (very) little money yesterday: two white crocheted doilies to make pockets for my temple skirt; I will curl up on the couch later this morning to stitch them on. I also bought 3/8 yard of scarlet silk shantung for a dressy skirt for Blessing (to go with the shrug which is nearly finished), and a ball of #8 perle cotton (DMC color 321) to tat lace trimming for said skirt. This will be her Christmas dress or formal. Not sure at this point what I will do for the blouse or bodice. I was designing things in my head when I was in the pool last night, and I lost track of my laps.

There is a jewelry repair shop in my neighborhood; I took in my watch and got the wristband adjusted. They also have a respectable amount of semiprecious stone beads, but not as much as the bead shop down by Secondborn’s old house. Naturally, I discovered once I got back in the car that I need a new watch battery, but I am going back with the necklace which Brother Sushi gave me, to get more red coral beads and a new clasp. (BittiestBubba gave it a good hard yank when he was tiny, and the clasp was mangled beyond my ability to restore it. I like the necklace. I want to wear it.)

Lunch was two party tacos and a pomegranate smoothie from Bueno, with a nap for dessert. Through October, for each smoothie purchased, Bueno will donate to the local children’s hospital. I asked the manager how much. He said he thought a dollar. I have not verified this.

Woke up from the nap ready to hit the gym. Also realized that I could drop in at the belly dancing studio, since I would have all day today to recover from the results. Ran my copy of Edward Scissorhands over to a friend’s house, then stopped at the ATM at my credit union, then got a call from a friend who doesn’t drive, who needed to take dinner to a mutual friend who just had a baby. We did that, and I dropped her at the church one minute before the class started. And the class was at least 15 minutes away. My friend felt awful, but I told her it just might be Heaven’s way of telling me not to take the class. She said it would be interesting to check the news, to see if there was a wreck that I didn’t get into because I wasn’t there.

So, it might be that, or it might be that I’m not supposed to sign up for belly dancing lessons at this time, or it might be that this is the wrong studio. I’m not upset in the slightest. This will give me something to talk about with Heaven while I’m stitching on those pockets.

I have about an hour’s worth of knitting left on Blessing’s shrug and all sorts of puttering on my list today. Am hoping for a nap after lunch, because we have the temple sessions associated with the singles’ conference tonight, and an ice cream social after that, at which I will see the new guy.

At my advanced age, beauty rest is not (just) the name of a mattress company. It is NotOptional.

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