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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Another quick post

Got a lot done today, notwithstanding a one-hour meeting this morning, lunch out with Attorney B and cohorts for Administrative Specialists Day, and a one-hour meeting this afternoon, complete with cookies from Paradise Bakery as an incentive to attend the latter.

Found myself all alone at the coffeeshop last night. Everybody else was at a knitting guild meeting. Funny thing is, as I sat there, I asked myself, Where am I supposed to be, instead? And the answer was, At the hospital with your friend Nita.

So I went. At 8:00 last night, it only took me 23 minutes to get from just off the freeway in north Arlington to just off another freeway in south Fort Worth. Took me nearly that long to find her room, once I got there.

She is absolutely beautiful (she would argue this), notwithstanding the trach and the tubes and wires coming and going. The veil [of mortality] is very thin in that room. She was asleep, and I did not stay long, but her husband and sons let me go stand there for a few minutes, just thinking about how much I love her and what an amazing friend she has been for nearly 30 years. Larry and two of his sons had just given her a priesthood blessing, and Heaven was very near in that room. I have no doubt that I was standing in the presence of angels, as well as many of the ancestors for whom she has done genealogical research and temple work. I am tearing-up as I write this. It felt the way it does inside a temple, which is the holiest place on earth.

She needs surgery to repair a hole in her stomach which is letting yuck out into her body cavity, and another hole in her duodenum, which is letting yuckier stuff out. The pneumonia is nearly cleared up. Many of her vitals are excellent. The hospital has been fortifying her all day, per the last text message I got from her oldest son, so that the surgery may go forward.

She needs your prayers. The guys are confident, with the confidence that comes from honoring their priesthood, that she will recover. And Heaven has not gone out of the miracle business.

But every prayer helps. OK, you have your marching orders.

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Bonnie said...

I have had Nita in my prayers for several weeks, ever since I heard that she was ill in the hospital. I'm sending more prayers her way and yours.