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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Learning Curves

I don’t know why the new, new phone is so much easier for me to use than the old, new phone (the one that Firstborn gave me). It’s set up the same way, but it doesn’t argue with me. I just flick and swipe and tap, and it jumps through hoops without inducing childbirth words. When I turn it off, it doesn’t ask me if I want to change batteries. It just goes off. It has a rubber flappy-doodle on the side, for charging. I have to use a T-pin to open it, because of my acrylic nails, but that is the only thing resembling a quirk that I have discovered, so far.

2BDH was here last night, installing the new computer. I need to go to the box which holds my CD-rom’s, and grab the one for my camera, so that I can share the new configuration. I asked him if there were an easy way to move files from the old computer to the new one. He has something that plugs into a USB port and liposuctions all the old files out.

I do not have my ergonomic keyboard yet, a miscommunication on my part, but we will order that, and new cables for the monitors (something about analog vs. digital) and a new mouse because the old one had a round plug like the keyboard. Remember how 2BDH had to add USB ports to the old computer because I had a plethora of round sockets, and only one or two USB ports? Well, now the situation is reversed. I have USB ports coming out my ears, and only one round socket, so now I am borrowing his friend’s mouse until we get my new one. We will order all that stuff next Friday (i.e., payday).

I am going to have to fiddle with my rolling chair and ratchet the seat up higher, because I am having bifocal issues. I need new glasses, anyway, but the placement of the band/setting for computer monitors is perfect for the one at work, and also for the bottom two here at home. The top two? Not so much. I look like one of the snooty society dames in a Marx Brothers movie, my head tilted back to stare down my nose through a lorgnette.

There is a shortcut button on my monitor for iTunes. I am looking forward to getting that set up sometime this weekend, and Office as well. But for now I need to hop in the shower and get ready to pick up Fourthborn. There is a miniatures show in Dallas today, and it benefits Habitat for Humanity.

It has been a rough week. I am ready to see all sorts of tiny cleverness, while keeping my debit card firmly in my pocket. (Good thing this show wasn’t last weekend, or I would be typing this post on the computer at work, either before or after the stuff they pay me for, got done.)

Oh, and I can watch DVD’s on my computer now. I have a date for some chick time with Jane Austen after dinner.

Remember that laceweight tweed I bought a few months ago, and the laughable attempt to un-ply it using four ball winders? The solution to that conundrum is old-fashioned patience. I am breaking off five-yard lengths of yarn and peeling off one ply at a time, winding them into little loops around my fingers, and storing them in a gallon Ziploc bag. I will probably spit-splice as I go, although a five-yard length would yield considerable fabric if we are talking a Chutzpah sized sweater, and I might only have to weave in ends on the smaller sweater pieces.

I got a lot of un-plying done last night while 2BDH was mounting the monitors on my wall. There wasn’t enough room around the computer table for me to be helpful, so I just put my feet up on the couch and asked him one question after another regarding what this new computer can do.

This is the part where I publish and then hit the shower. I hope to have all sorts of neat pictures for you tomorrow.


nekokoi said...

i totally love you and junk. <3

Bonnie said...

I don't know if this computer was in the same price range as the one you were going to buy before, but I guarantee the one Tyson built for you will outperform any out of the box computer. And if stuff goes out years from now, it is super easy to replace and upgrade this motherboard. I asked him to install I-Tunes for you, as I figured that would motivate you to use your new I-Pod and make it a whole lot easier to figure out.

Jenni said...

So you have another new phone??