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Saturday, August 27, 2011

What? I can’t hear you!!!

The Tonka trucks are back on my street. I was in such a hurry to get out of here before they fired up, yesterday, that there was no time to post. They were still hard at it when I got home last night. As in, my street was still blocked off, they were still huffing and puffing and moving dirt around, and the nice man with the safety vest suggested that I go somewhere else for about half an hour and then come back.

So I did. I went to B&N, sat in the parking lot and finished my dinner from In N Out Burger, went in and washed my hands thoroughly, and sat happily in the bookstore with my iPod, my knitting [and three knitting books, none of which came home with me, but two of which are on the list for to-me-from-me-with-love].

I finished the last of the re-beading on the stealth project before staggering off to bed last night. I’ve done two rows this morning and am now within two rows of where I frogged a week ago.

This is going to be a variegated day. I have my friend’s funeral at 1:00, laundry that ought to get done, and since the guys are still likely to be working out front until 7:00 or later tonight, I’ve changed my mind about the single adult dinner tonight and will be going to the one in Carrollton, because (A) the new guy will be there and (B) it’s a block from the quilt shop where a few years ago the girls and I were members of the block of the month club. So I know how to get there.

That heavy equipment is so heavy that the whole house was shaking awhile ago. I could feel it coming up through the floor and couch, where I was happily knitting while catching up on podcasts. I could hear empty canning jars rattling on a shelf (I checked to make sure that none of them were near the edge).

I will do my grocery shopping tonight, after dinner, and after the dust has settled. In the meantime, it’s weird stuff for breakfast and lunch: coconut milk and whole wheat mini-bagels dredged through edamame hummus for breakfast, and probably a Caesar salad kit for lunch.

I’m heading back to the couch and my knitting. I leave you with this:

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