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Monday, August 01, 2011

Very good, if expensive, weekend.

Had a wonderful dinner with my friend T on Friday night. We ate at Babe’s in Garland. Amazing food, a little too salty for my taste, but strangely enough my ankles did not blow up.

I was at the dealership at 7:00 on Saturday morning, where I knitted and beaded on the stealth project for the next seven hours. I left with working AC on Lorelai. It’s still working. I’m still thankful.

I finished the beading last night before crashing. This is now officially a portable project; it was portable on Saturday only because there is a tall table by the window at the dealership, and ergonomically configured stools upon which to perch. I took a chair’s worth of the space which is designed for ordinary mortals and their laptops, and I set up my magazine, the big ramekin to hold beads from the tube, the smaller ramekin to hold beads that would not fit onto my size 12 crochet hook, and a minuscule ziploc bag in which to decant those too-small beads periodically. I used or sorted out all but half an inch of beads in the tube: 364 incorporated into the design. If I had had a size 13/14 hook, I could probably have used all, or almost all, of the beads.

Anyway, I had an elegant one-woman sweatshop set up on my portion of that table at the dealership, and it led to a delightful conversation with another patiently-waiting individual.

After leaving the dealership I went to my local yarn shop and found the perfect yarn for the next stealth project. Then I drove to the bead shop and bought three vials of beads, in case said project wants to have beads. From there I drove to Sprouts and picked up more of that edamame hummus and a baguette. When I tried to get cash-back for this evening’s massage, the computer informed us that I was over my spending limit for the day. I did have enough wiggle room to take my food home. So I will be hitting the ATM on my way to work.

Church was wonderful as usual. Lots of little hugs from one of my favorite four year olds. A quick nap afterward. And then I took the last four of those cupcakes I bought on Wednesday to the potluck, where they were either eaten or disposed of, out of my sight. I’m betting on the former. They were very tasty little cupcakes. I’m just not excessively fond of cupcakes, preferring muffins (and no frosting).

The fireside last night was superb. My friend Jody was the speaker, and as usual, she had her ducks in a row. Multimedia, doctrinally sound, and a nice blend of laughter and tears.

I came home and groused gently to the new guy that, while I have never been jealous of the other sisters he has dated while we have been dating, I have come to think of cancer as the Other Woman, and I would just like to punch her lights out. The new guy gets a vote. The dear other sister he is dating, gets a vote. I get a vote. But the Other Woman is hogging the voting booth, and I think she’s in there painting her nails.

And then I went to bed.

I’ve updated Facebook with the newer email address and tweaked my settings yet again. (I’m preparing to shut down my Yahoo! account.) My knitting is packed and ready to go. My iPod is charged and sync’ed. My phone is charged. I need to buy stamps and get cash.

I’ll order the cake for Friday’s office party on my way home tonight, and then onward, onward, for my massage.

Can’t wait. But in the meantime, I intend to fully savor this day.

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