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Tuesday, March 06, 2012

A big box, a little box, and a bag.

Woke up about 4:00 this morning and ambled into the studio. Puttered in there for an hour, which resulted in: two chairs out to the dining room: two small and one large load of laundry (the darkest of the darks are now in the hamper; the other stuff will follow later); more books on the shelves; several pairs of handknitted socks reunited with their mates and awaiting transfer to the sock drawer; most of my silk scarves in one lustrous pile; a bunch of my jewelry rediscovered; the cashmere rescue yarn (some people have rescue animals; I have rescue yarn) in a basket but begging to come out and play; a nearly clear path from the second filing cabinet to its future home by the window.

Last night, for Family Home Evening, we sat here at the computer and planned our Monday night activities through the end of April, using various handouts I’ve brought home from Relief Society over the years. One of which apparently originated in the ward I’m now in, possibly from when our current RS president was a member of my last Arlington ward.

Yesterday was a good day at work. I dealt with three (and nearly four) days’ worth of mail, typed a depo outline for Attorney B’s upcoming trial, and batted cleanup on that case I entered just before closing on Friday, then handed the paperwork over to Attorney C’s secretary, whom I back up, so she could finish opening the case.

Minimal knitting yesterday, and I appear to be no closer to finding the ball winder and umbrella swift. Random thought: I wonder if I put them away in their assigned place before moving? Not likely, given the chaos of wedding preparations, the giddiness of our honeymoon, and Beloved’s eldest son’s house purchase and move. But it’s worth a stroll back into my studio to double-check.

That’s it for this morning. I’ll roust Beloved in ten minutes at his request, and he’ll fix breakfast. Dinner last night was scrumptious: cod fillets (why is filet with one T when it’s beef, and two T’s when it’s fish?), roasted tiny red potatoes, steamed carrots with butter and herbes de Provence, sourdough bread, and then, for me, a handful of gingersnaps. I am taking the leftover carrots and bread for lunch today, as well as the smaller container of macaroni and cheese.

When I was at Whole Foods last night on the way home from work, I was severely tempted by a magazine that promised 100+ recipes for macaroni and cheese. Miraculously, I did not succumb. Instead, I went next door to Charming Charlie and bought three cards of earrings, two of them on closeout.

We got the green card back from the State Department, so they officially have the stuff I sent them to renew my passport.

OK, that really is it for this morning. Be careful out there, but aim for as much fun as the commandments allow.

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Anonymous said...

yeah - a couple of these earring sets she has gotten at Charming Charlies - add a treble hook and they should be great for catching sand bass