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Monday, March 19, 2012

Links and stuff

My friend Kirsten posted this. It is brilliant. You should click on it!

She also quoted Elder Tad Callister, on praying for spiritual gifts: “The consequences of righteous, persistent asking are staggering.”

So, guess who now has an account with the Dallas Stars? I’ll wait while my children pick themselves up off the floor. I can buy discounted tickets through work, and Beloved likes a good hockey game. (I’m still not convinced that that last phrase is not an oxymoron.) So I signed up for an account and just went to the Stars website. There are several home games remaining in the season, but only one date that works for us. Unfortunately, our ticket options are $24, $64, and $69. We talked it over and decided we would rather throw that money into our Scotland fund and try again next season, when our seating options are greater.

I made key lime pie yesterday after church. I told him that he was not allowed to tell me his is better (even if it may very well be). And he made banana bread with three geriatric bananas. Which he is now turning into French toast this morning.

Spring break is over, which means I don’t have the luxury of leaving the house as late as I did last week. My attorney will be back from vacation, which means that there will be a rapid influx of dictation into my box today. That’s OK: when I left the office on Friday, there were nearly 40 items ready for his signature. Just call me Simone Legree.

I have settled on a project for the fundraiser for Girls Camp (spaghetti dinner on Friday) and will be taking that to work with me. I am going to attempt a loosely crocheted infinity scarf for donation. Beloved will be baking two cheesecakes.

Breakfast is ready. Heart attack on a plate. Please make sure that the paramedics are cute!

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