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Thursday, March 08, 2012


Vanity plate on a sports car I saw, several months ago, and wrote down on a sticky-note for posting later. As I recall, it was a very pretty car, though not necessarily one I would covet.

I had another great day at work. Got through all of our mail, got through all of the mail of Attorney C for the day (I did not even look at previous days’ mail, as his secretary was only out yesterday) and created a document for him to tweak. Mine was in trial all day. The jury went out shortly before quitting time, so I won’t find out the verdict until I get to my desk later this morning.

The first batch of stuff I ordered from Pottery Barn with some of our gift cards, was waiting when I got home last night. Huge box. Huge! The paisley sheets, which are gorgeous, and two Euro sized pillows (26” square) that will go on the wicker chairs in the living room for back support. I am torn between ordering pillow covers, which are newly available in the right shade of red, or waiting to knit my own. Given how much Beloved is cutting into my knitting time, the former probably makes more sense. [In fairness, I am also cutting into his reading time, and his TV time. I think he got into the habit of turning it on to hear other human voices; the cat, while entertaining, is not much of a conversationalist.]

Speaking of the cat, did I mention that night before last I caught him sitting on one of the good chairs? He came in when I got home from my shopping trip, and I looked for him in the rocker on top of the sheepskin, which he absolutely adores, and he wasn’t there. But there was a suspiciously furry black lump on the chair in the corner. I made him get out (nicely). He was not happy with me.

There is a pet store quite close to the temple. Beloved says that there are sprays which do not harm the cat, the furniture, or humans, which I can spray on anything I want to keep him [the cat, not Beloved] off of. I am hoping that traffic will be light enough after work that I can sandwich in a stop before checking in at the temple.

Had a great visit with my guys last night, after auditioning a new nail salon. She took off the old set and put on entirely fresh ones, and she didn’t torture me in the process. She used a different solar nail powder than NailDude used, and she says this one should not lift away from my natural nails. Especially if I go in faithfully every two or three weeks. (I tend to lose track of time.) So the problem with nails popping off, or lifting and letting water in, may be solved. They had Food Network on the TV’s, so I watched that and read the subtitles. Way better than the SciFi channel; I like to read science fiction but not necessarily watch it.

Speaking of which, my friends and I are watching Captain America during lunch at work. Almost any movie with Stanley Tucci in it, however briefly, is likely to get my vote. And thus far I like this one. Not a whole lot of knitting got done.

So, back to my guys. They had a busy day yesterday. Got all of Beloved’s brother’s stuff out of their mom’s truck and into the garage. Got a lot of work done in the garden before the rain/mist started, and a trip to Home Depot for some of the stuff that Beloved needs to set up our drip irrigation system. He has more than doubled the size of his garden this year (I guess, strictly speaking, that would be our garden), and with a drip system we can keep it properly hydrated without wasting water or violating the current water restrictions. I love it when frugality, obedience, and stewardship all coalesce into one perfectly ripened whole.

We bought another pomegranate tree last weekend, and he will be starting cuttings from the existing trees, to give to some of our kids for their own gardens. He also has seeds (or will have) for some of the ├╝ber-fiery peppers grown by the friend of his eldest son, and a small bottle of C’s hot sauce from one of those varieties. As Tabasco is pushing the envelope for Ms. Ravelled, you may safely assume that I will not be taste-testing anything from that part of the garden.

It was great to walk into the house after getting my nails done, and to have the house smell wonderful, and to get a bear hug from my brother-in-law, who is a slightly smaller bear than Beloved. The guys will be waking up shortly, as said brother has an early flight to Phoenix to check out a truck to replace the one which was, sadly, totaled earlier this week. We had stew for dinner, and biscuits from scratch, and they had ice cream while I had Fig Newtons and Oreos.

I will be taking leftover stew for lunch today, and the last two biscuits. I didn’t lick them to mark my territory, but I put the boys on notice that they were mine.

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Just Jennifer said...

I love reading your eloquent blog! And it sounds like you write from the realms of blissdom and for that I am green with envy... enjoy it for you have earned it!