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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Yet more progress.

We got three of the four legs onto my worktable last night. The fourth leg required re-gluing of the metal bits that fit inside it to receive the bolts. Whether in the unscrewing prior to the move, or in the reassembling last night, we managed to strip the connectors. So, fat globs of wood glue and a nice rest until Beloved comes home from chemo today, and we should be good to go. The table just fits between the two bookcases that flank the window in my studio.

I finished the second sock at lunch yesterday. I did not start a new pair, but I have a remnant ball of sock yarn in my bag for casting on today.

Our friend who ordinarily takes Beloved to chemo and brings him home, is out of pocket today, so I am dropping my honey off before work, and I will pick him up and bring him home when he’s done. Thankfully, I can take my lunch pretty much whenever I please, and I will pack a sandwich which I can eat at my desk in case he runs late, so most of that midday run will eat my lunch hour, and I have PT for however much I run longer than that for the round-trip.

Beloved said it would be much simpler if I let him drive himself to chemo. I don’t think so! Although he might have to drive himself on Saturday to get the pump off, if I am not back from my appointment in Arlington in time (I had to reschedule that appointment so we could go to the wedding last Saturday), but I’m pretty sure I can be back here in time to take him, without breaking any land speed records in the process.

We had leftover mac and cheese last night, from the batch I made awhile ago. He suggested that I crush up some Ritz crackers for topping, and we’d bake the leftovers. (We are, sadly, fresh out of panko crumbs.) I crushed half a sleeve of crackers. That casserole was seriously crunchy. I had seconds. He had thirds. There are no leftovers to take to work.

Je regrette rien.

He had his CT scan yesterday; we will get the results next week. He came home and mowed the front yard and dispatched most of the boxes I had emptied in my spate of unpacking. We think we know where the ball winder and umbrella swift are. There is a box that says “Red Hat”, which he packed. It is the only box I had not opened, because I knew what was in it. But that is his writing on the box, not mine, and there was a little whisper in the back of my mind a few days ago, to look in that box.

However, looking in that box is going to have to wait until the worktable is set up, because the box is in the far reaches of the northwest corner of my studio, and there are more than a dozen Rubbermaid tubs stacked high betwixt me and that box. Once the table is in place, I will move tubs under the table and on top of the table, at least temporarily (and not until after I have done the mending). And then I will tackle that box, and if our suspicions/intuitions are correct, I will set up both tools on the worktable semi-permanently and find new homes for the storage tubs.

My ultimate goal for those tubs is to empty them, one by one, and use up or dispose of the contents, except for the tubs which hold Christmas stuff. China has its five-year plans. I have my own.

I think that’s about it for now. Beloved is fixing breakfast. I need to fix my hair and figure out what I’m wearing to work. Temple day. Thankfully, after all this unpacking I now have more than one skirt hanging in my closet(s). Did I mention that I have things hanging in three closets? Consolidating it all into one closet is a project for another day.

Miz Scarlett would be so proud.

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