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Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Au revoir, lovely shoes. Hello, tornadoes!

Stellar customer service from The Clog Outlet. Two rapid responses to yesterday’s email inquiring about wider shoes: one informing me that generally, the shoes they carry are the narrower width. Drat! And one with the return authorization, which I have printed off. I will be exchanging them for the green ones I’ve been saving for. It’s still win/win. But those heels were lovely.

In far more important news, we and our kids and grandkids are all just fine after yesterday’s spate of tornadoes. Lark’s high school was damaged. The schools hereabouts either went into lockdown mode or had the parents come fetch their blessings. My drive home last night was remarkably uncomplicated. From on-ramp to exit, about twenty minutes, when typically it’s about ten minutes longer. And maybe a couple of minutes faster between the exit to our home; that is largely a function of the traffic lights, but there were definitely fewer cars on the local roads.

Some of the worst damage was in the neighborhoods around my old stake center in Arlington. The mayor declared Arlington a disaster area. Somebody caught a picture of a truck stop a few miles south of our house, where a 15-ton trailer went airborne.

Beloved says that one funnel touched down about two miles east of us. I have coworkers who commute from the northeastern suburbs. I was not on Facebook last night, so I don’t know how they fared. Work is likely to be interesting today, and possibly not entirely productive. (I managed to transcribe two tapes while one of the attorneys was blasting public service announcements on the radio in his office. Only a slight improvement over talk radio, in this woman’s opinion.)

I filed a complaint with the health department yesterday, regarding the nail salon, and I told my office manager (who has been going there for years) what happened. My foot is feeling significantly better after only three doses of Lamisil. Twenty-five more to go, and it’s almost time for the next dose.

The second attempt at Wingspan is coming along nicely, and pleaseth me much.

Crazy-tired, but our home is peaceful, and we are blessed. So thankful. And praying for those whose lives just got complicated. Mercifully, the last we heard, nobody was killed in all those tornadoes.

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AlisonH said...

I am so glad you were all okay in those tornadoes!

By the way. If you google Jessica Mears, she died of an infection that was biologically tracked down by investigators to a pedicure at a salon that was not licensed (she didn't know that) and not inspected.

It kept not healing. I wheeled her into the hospital, with her telling me she was going to be in for a few days, so, could I come by Monday and help her with some knitting lessons; I offered her yarn, glad to be able to do something.

Never happened. She was gone.

There is a reason why California requires licensing for someone to give a pedicure: so the place can be inspected and shut down if need be.

Thank you very much for notifying the health department. It needs to happen more often! And get better fast, okay?