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Sunday, April 08, 2012

Plans B, et al

When I went to the website to order the red patent leather clogs to replace the two pairs of heels that were too narrow, I was seduced by a bright purple pair, second quality, for a little over half-price. If they fit as well as I hope they do, I will order a pair of turquoise seconds (Plan C), and then save up for a full-price red pair. The green leather ones that I had been saving for, do not come in my width.

I got the heels shipped off to Houston after work on Friday. There will be a small refund on my first order. It will just about exactly cover what I paid to ship them back.

I found some drawer pulls that I liked on the home centers website: dark bronze, with a design like flat braid, and not exorbitantly priced (that was my take; Beloved’s was a little different). And we had a gift card, so the out of pocket would have been moderate. I told him that the ones I had seen on Restoration Hardware’s website were (1) too wide and (2) $9.00 and up, to the best of my recollection. I had zero intention of buying from their website, but I wanted to see what they had.

The spiffy drawer pulls were not in stock at the home center; I suspect they are online only. So I looked at what was in stock, and I found some very nice ones, elegantly curved, in dark bronze with copper accents. Beloved installed one of them before I told him that was my project, thank you, and to keep his mitts off! Plan D cost a little over half what the braided ones would have cost. Do you detect a pattern here?

Then I went to Wally World and bought goat milk and dark chocolate almond milk, some key lime Greek yogurt for last night’s dessert, and a compact set of hot rollers. My hair is getting long enough that I want to have multiple options for fixing it. Hot rollers without a perm are pretty much an exercise in futility, at least as far as the workday is concerned, but I might get marginal cooperation for church on Sunday. (I did, for a wedding reception on Saturday night; like the candle burnt at both ends, it did not last the night, but it made a lovely [sight].)

In other news, you will recall that we had a spate of tornadoes earlier this week. Friday it was Middlest’s turn for regional drama. They live very close to where that Navy jet went down. But they are all safe, and their friends are safe as well.

The Lamisil continues to work its magic on my foot. I am so thankful!

By the time I went to bed on Friday night, I had finished three repeats on Wingspan and was soldiering away on the fourth. I had not used up all the yarn that I rewound when I frogged the initial, larger version. Since then I have completed repeats five and six and nearly finished the seventh. Loving this. Just flat loving this! And want to make a shawl-sized version in Noro Silk Garden, but not anytime soon.

It has been a busy, busy weekend. I got up and cleaned the church yesterday at 7:00. Beloved and sons met at the storage unit at 8:00 and hauled half of his mother’s food storage into our middle bedroom (Tetris, anyone?) and The Chastity Bed out to the curb. Where it may be joined by the severely damaged folding rocker which my father made for me. In the meantime, it was thoroughly drenched in a downpour after church this afternoon, while I was making the salad for the barbecue at eldest son’s house.

We made the celebration at Mel’s parents’ house yesterday, and the wedding reception last night (ice cream sundae bar; I indulged, and within two hours I could feel inflammation above my knee in my left leg, and halfway up my calf in the right). Church today (lovely arrangement by the ward choir), then temple recommend interview, family barbecue, a little X-box 360 bowling with second son’s bride. I lost by 40+ pins.

Much updating of financial information into our worksheet before church this morning, and much missing forests for trees, when I could not locate the new bill for the big credit card because it was in the payables folder. I just missed it the first three or four times I pawed through that folder.

This new chemo is kicking Beloved’s derriere. He has a headache and cannot take any of the usual preparations. So he is watching Food Network. And I am about to shut everything down in here, kiss him goodnight, and call it a day.

We are agreed that very soon there needs to be a weekend where I come home on Friday night, we shut off the phones and don’t answer the door, and just spend the weekend cooking and snoozing and eating.

In the meantime, there is knitting. With a side order of chocolate. I hope you have had a peaceful and blessed Easter, those of you who observe it. Beloved asked, delicately, how I traditionally celebrated Easter. New dress? Dyeing eggs? I told him that when the girls were little, it involved multiple bags of Easter M&M’s sorted by color into baggies, and me eating the spares, because heaven help us if somebody had one more M&M than her sister! I have long since lost the urge to bite ears off of chocolate bunnies. I am content to go to church and sing the hymns and come home and sleep. Though only some of that has happened so far, today.

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