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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Bobbin case found. Sleep and marbles still MIA.

A good day at work yesterday, for reasons that I don’t have time to tell you about. It is 5:30a.m. on what is going to be an amazing day. In just a couple of minutes I will post this and start getting ready for the Saturday session of Time Out For Women, a collaboration between the Relief Society of the church and Deseret Book, which is probably the largest and certainly the most influential publisher of LDS media.

I will finish Wingspan fairly early this morning. In searching for a skein of suitable yarn to cast on Wingspan 2.0, I also found the bobbin case for my Bernina! In a drawer of yarn. And a small Rubbermaid box that, I think, contains the empty bobbins. Which means that I can finish the skirts that I pin-basted for mending while I was listening to General Conference two weeks ago.

Time Out For Women? This is my first time to go. Ditto for Firstborn and Secondborn, whose idea it was, and am I ever glad that I went last night. I got there footsore and physically burnt-out. I left, three hours later, with a lightened heart, so full of joy that I had no difficulty staying awake for the drive home.

In doll news, during some down time at work yesterday, I made up my shopping list for next payday. Then I texted Mel about the doll stuff. I want a whole lot from one company, and one or two items from three more. Did she need anything? Group orders are the way to go, because shipping from Korea for a doll is $60. Or was, the last time I ordered. Trainman once told me that $60 was about right for an overnight package from anyplace in Asia (he’s in banking). So if two or more of you want stuff from a manufacturer, it makes sense to do a group order and split the shipping.

Turns out Mel is placing an order today with one of the three companies. These are non-critical items: a dark green hat for Blessing (I have fabric for a skirt that should coordinate), and two pairs of bloomers for Faith. I am notoriously inattentive to detail when it comes to skivvies for my dolls. I balk at spending $32 for a bra and panties containing a thimbleful of fabric, when I spend a little over that for a bra for myself.

So I need to stop writing this and go write a check to stick on top of the china cabinet for Mel, and then I need to figure out what I am wearing today.

The singer last night is the one who sings the hymn at or near the end of 17 Miracles. Naturally, I teared up, as Beloved and I watched that film for Family Home Evening just last month.

Speaking of Beloved, he had a good but long and busy day. He is fixing breakfast as we speak. Omelette with manchego cheese (sheep cheese) and mushrooms and a little hamburger. After which I sluice off and head over to Firstborn’s to park my car for the day. I get to ride in style in her new white car.

I was expecting to see her get into the white VW, which I knew she was interested in selling because it hadn’t turned out to be as much fun to drive as she had thought. She has a glossy white p1mpm0b1le. No idea what make or model, but it sure is pretty.

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Jenni said...

I did a whole post about it. 2012 Dodge Journey. It's my spaceship car and I really like it.