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Tuesday, April 03, 2012

New shoes? Good news, bad news.

They got here in record time (from Houston). They are lovely, and I think not too high, even for a woman who has not worn heels in over ten years. However, the toebox is 2 3/8 inches wide at the ball of the foot on the pair which I measured, and my traditional clogs are 3 inches wide at that point.

I have emailed the company to see if the same styles are available in a more generous width. I told them I would prefer exchange to a refund. But if not, then I want store credit, because I could then order the pair I am saving for, on Friday when I get paid.

Speaking of getting paid, the show-me-the-money part of my yearly review happened yesterday morning. My base salary increase is consistent with that of the past several years. I am now making more than twice what I did when I went to work for the corporation, thirteen years ago. The bonus is slightly less than last year, but a lower percentage applied to a higher base salary, still yields a figure which is far better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick. Notwithstanding the tax bite of having the bonus arrive in the same check as my salary, Beloved and I will have the opportunity to do something nice for ourselves at the end of the month. I want to order my Lendrum spinning wheel. I would also like to see if the Habitat for Humanity thrift shop has cabinetry that would fit into the closet in our dining room. I would like to convert it into a built-in dresser and hutch, complete with a nice mirror and some lighting, to store all the dishes, linens, and table goodies I brought into the marriage. None of which is particularly valuable; all of which is pretty, and my soul thrives on beauty appropriately displayed.

I ended up going to the doctor yesterday for my foot. Remember that pedicure I got last week? Friday the foot that was a playground for athlete’s foot for two years, began itching again. I doctored it with Gold Bond over the weekend and kept a sock on it and sanitized the shower with bleach water after use. Because Beloved is to be even more vigilant against infection with the new drug in his protocol, than he has been in the past.

I am on Lamisil for the next two weeks, and I can already feel it working. I’m to continue the topical Gold Bond as well.

I just did not have the time, or the emotional capital, to deal with Nystatin-over-weeks as a solution to the problem.

Yes, I will be writing a letter to the Health Department about the nail salon. Yes, I will be finding a new nail salon.

Insert childbirth words here.

In happier news, I completed the second repeat on Wingspan yesterday and weighed it when I got home. I had used 39 grams (of 100) to do two repeats of an eight-repeat pattern. Back to the drawing board. I noodled around with Excel to figure out how much shorter each panel should be in order to get enough repeats to make a length I liked. I wanted wide scarf or shawlette rather than a full shawl. I eventually decided to use her figures for DK weight yarn and cast on (again) with 60 stitches. I used the long-tail cast on the first time, and the knitted cast on this time, and I already like it better.

Breakfast is ready. Gotta scoot.

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