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Monday, April 30, 2012

Lost marbles, sippie cups, and man-purses

HE: (opening drawer) “Found your marbles.”
ME: “Not mine. Those are blue.”
HE: “When you lose them, they change color.”
ME: “Oh.”

As we pulled up into our parking space yesterday, a young family piled out of their car and headed toward the chapel doors. The father (one of the counselors in the bishopric) had their youngest in one arm and an adult-size sippie cup in his other hand. They were alternating swigs of something purple and opaque and presumably healthy.

I razzed him a little, “Hey, great sippie cup!” Beloved snorted a little.

Our friend, not to be outdone, twitted Beloved about his man-purse.

“That’s not a man-purse. It’s my chemo pump!”

“I don’t know. Sure looks like a man-purse to me.”

I love our ward.

Submitting my vacation day requests at work today. Half a day for the Rangers game in July (yeah, I know). Time, chemo permitting, to go see my sister and his brother in late August, take in a quilt show, maybe go salmon fishing. Anniversary trip to that little cabin on the lake. Several days around my next birthday.

The rest of it will be for long weekends. We both want to revisit Galveston. I have not been since my birthday in 2001. Fishing might ensue.

Breakfast. Breakfast and then out the door. Too windy for him to go fishing today, so he will be working in the garden and around the house. Pretty sure another steel shelving unit will go into the breakfast area sometime this week. Family Home Evening will consist of: (A) turning the mattress, (B) removing the mattress and bed frame from the middle bedroom, and maybe (C) schlepping the boxes of wedding gifts which are currently in the dining room, into the middle bedroom. Our goal is to get the last of the boxes out of the living room and dining room by Thursday.

Life is good.

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