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Five years into widowhood, after one year of incredible happiness and nearly 14 years of single blessedness. Have given up perfect manicures and pretty hands in order to resume playing the soprano recorder and to see if I can figure out how to play bluegrass banjo. Singing in the shower. Still really, *really* love to knit!

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Blogging from my phone.

Yesterday I got the happy news that my promotion and raise have come through and will be effective beginning April 7.

I also learned that I'm getting a sizable escrow refund shortly, because my property taxes dropped so precipitously when I turned 65 last year.

Today on the way to work, my badge leaped out of the pocket on my bag and slipped under the front seat. So I pulled a ticket at the parking garage, knowing that I could get it validated. After I parked, I grabbed the flashlight and started moving the seats forward and backward.

Not only did I find my badge, but also the earring which flew out of my hand a few weeks ago and has been hiding ever since.

Part of my Gudrun order should be here Friday or Saturday. The rest of it around the end of next week. And the book I ordered on Amazon the week after that.

I just finished the sleeve increases on my Carbeth. Now to knit 4.5 more inches before joining it to the body and casting on the second sleeve.

I emailed my sister on Monday night when I was so frazzled about the medical news. She's put a care package in the mail to my office. It should be here shortly.

Overall, my attitude and hopefulness are significantly greater than when I posted on Monday. I awoke yesterday feeling deeply peaceful and with the words of a hymn going through my mind.

Taking my meds and going to bed now.

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