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Tuesday, March 06, 2018

Musings on Nutella + I got new bras

You don't get a visual with either, sorry. I wish it were possible, when I am approaching the bottom of a jar of Nutella and scraping the last bites out with an iced tea spoon, to wiggle my nose like Samantha on Bewitched and turn the container inside out, or transform it into a wide, shallow dish so that not one atom of choco-nutty goodness would be lost.

I ordered two new bras about ten days ago. They arrived yesterday. Things I like about this:
  1. I got to throw away my old bra, with the broken-but-not-quite-poking-out-through-its-casing underwire.
  2. These hook in the front, and I bought them in a larger band size and smaller cup size, hoping that I'd guessed right on both volume and support, and that I would no longer have to chase after bra straps which were heading for my elbows. I have small, sloping shoulders. Band size is one problem. Cup size is another. Spacing of the straps has been a nightmare for years.
  3. They're not ugly.
  4. I did not, in fact, have to wrangle my bra straps today. They pretty much stayed put once I was hooked in and fluffed.
  5. I have cleavage. Nobody gets to see it, but it's there.
  6. They don't bunch up the top of my temple garment like the old bra did.
Things I'm not crazy about:
  1. They're not molded and slightly padded like the old bra, so every time my shoulder harness slides around as I drive, my right boob hollers, "Hey, you don't know me that well!" I spent most of the drive home tonight with my right hand tucked inside the shoulder harness, holding it slightly out from my body about midway between boob and waistband.
  2. Minimal lift. I'm not sure how the catalogue models manage to look demurely perky, but on me the look is more like a souffle after you've taken out a serving or two.
  3. I thought I was buying a posture bra, where the back section rises several inches above the band, but apparently I did not.
If I were going to design a bra for myself, it would have lightly molded cups, underwires, a posture back, and be available in nearly-A, nearly-B, nearly-C, etc., cup sizes. Maybe that's a second career for me, once I retire: Bespoke Brassieres - Get those puppies off the floor.

In other news, last night I asked for recommendations for a house painter, and I had three leads by the time I went to bed. I don't know if the gallons upon gallons of green paint that Beloved bought on deep discount are still any good. That would be a tender mercy. I like the current color, so I could easily live with it until the house needed repainting again.

But for now I'm going to shut down this popsicle stand and go knit until bedtime.

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