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Sunday, March 04, 2018

Stake conference weekend

Wow, the adversary *really* didn't want me to share this. First my phone battery died, then the Facebook page fritzed and rebooted on my laptop.

I went to the Saturday evening session yesterday, which is usually the best session for me in terms of ability to concentrate. And even when it isn't, it sets my mood for the general meeting on Sunday. It was great to sustain President Nelson as our new prophet, seer, and revelator. The visiting general authority did not disappoint. (They never have, at least for me.)

But my big take-away was when our second counselor shared the inspiration he'd had to purchase a new Book of Mormon, refer to the threefold purpose listed on the title page, and start going through his new copy, highlighting each instance he found of each purpose in one of three colors.

My "new" Triple is almost 30 years old, and I'd been thinking it was about time to replace it. I was slightly amused to see that sometime in the past, I'd highlighted the keywords of those purposes on my current copy. I don't see that I ever tried to do my own scripture chase regarding these purposes.

This is a small and simple thing I can do to enrich and deepen my understanding and application. Color me (😜) excited!

My bonus hits in two weeks, and I've added "large-sized quadruple combination" to my spreadsheet and pasted the URL of the page to order it. I'm a little sad that the only color options are black and brown. I bought my current Triple Combination and Holy Bible in 1992, and they have burgundy covers. Back then, you could get your scriptures in burgundy, teal, or green as well as black and brown. I understand that reducing the color choices means that no out-of-fashion colors will be languishing at the Distribution Center. But I was kinda hoping to get a teal quad this time around. This will be a stay-at-home set of scriptures, for when I want to chill in bed and dive into the Word.

My phone dying for the second time today means that I can show you neither the before-and-after post of my front yard that is halfway written and illustrated, nor pictures of knitting progress from last night and today.

I hope your Sabbath was as blessed and peaceful as mine.

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