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Friday, March 02, 2018

So much to say. No idea where to begin.

Yeah, I've missed you, too. OK, I'll start with the good news.

This was my first week working with the new attorney, and it went well. I'll have a new case to open for her on Monday, but right now my half of her docket equals six cases. When I left the office today, I had long since wrangled all my ToDo's, gotten her mail and SemperFi's mail out, and reduced the emails in my inbox to approximately twenty. I had also winnowed out my pending folder for SemperFi, worked all of her mail and part of his, and left with a desk that looked functional and organized.

I like my new chair. It's a little wider in the seat than the one which bucked me off, and I think I've got everything adjusted reasonably well.

I've been drowning in paperwork for the workers comp claim and the short term disability request. I mailed off a packet to the workers comp administrators today, and I also got confirmation that all the days of disability I had requested, have been approved, and my PTO bank has been restored to happy levels.

Middlest's doctor's appointment on Monday went well. The dosage level of both the migraine med and the ADD med have been tweaked upward, and my kid is in the throes of adjusting to that. The migraine med now provides about a five hour window wherein Middlest's ambient pain level drops from an 8 to a 3. (This is on the Middlest pain scale, wherein a 3 is probably somebody else's 8.)

I have spent most of my evenings this week in my room with the door slightly cracked open in case Middlest needs me, but mostly hiding and knitting. I need to wind two balls of the bright yellow laceweight yarn so I can resume banging out my Carbeth. I learned midway through the first ball that doubling the yarn on itself and doubling again did not guarantee that all four ends would finish at the same place. So for the next bit I will have two separate balls and pull strands from inside and outside on both, to make up the four strands I need to approximate the girth of two strands of DK held together. I love how the stitches look. I have about three inches of sweater body done.

Tuesday morning I had my quarterly blood work, and all of the numbers came back in acceptable ranges. This was the closest I've gotten to a proper score on my HDL, and my overall score was 149, so I have to concede that the Pravastatin is doing its job.

After that, I drove back to Dallas for my appointment with Social Security, and the cha-ching is a few dollars higher than the guesstimate they gave me when I made the appointment. I was able to set up withholding, so I won't have to remember to file quarterly estimates with Uncle Sam.

We (Middlest, Fourthborn, and I) had our every-four-months cleaning at Wonderful Dentist's, and none of us had any cavities, and we celebrated as usual at Cheesecake Factory.

Now for the less exciting news. When I was at the doctor's Tuesday morning, I let her know that the blood in the urine that made me think "kidney infection" in mid-December had returned, exactly eight weeks later. Apparently one of my ovaries has been playing Rip Van Winkle and decided to wake up, because I had a three day period last weekend. So next Saturday I am having another high-tech ultrasound, quelle joie. And maybe the cause will be non-scary and easy to fix. (That procedure I had four years ago was supposed to take care of things.)

In happier news, the tree dude is coming over tomorrow to go over the yard with me. I've taken a few "before" pictures and need to take more, because I think the "after" is going to be amazing, other than the fact that the need to repaint the exterior is going to be that much more obvious with the jungle cut down. Lawn Dude texted me today and asked me to let him know when he needs to start up again. I thanked him and told him I would.

It was a beautiful day today. Our paralegal and I took SemperFi to lunch for his birthday, which is Sunday. I had the best quesadilla I've eaten in years. We ate at the Owner's Box in the Omni Hotel (the one they built in that $4 parking lot I used to use when I was taking the train from Fort Worth but needed to drive in). The service is glacial, but the food is so good.

Tomorrow we pick up quilt blocks, and I have a small project in mind. If it works out, I'll blog about it. If it doesn't, you'll never know.

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