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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Delinquent Sheep

While we were working out yesterday morning, I saw a video clip of a sheep that ran loose in Philadelphia [?] recently. I tried to find the video on CNN and YouTube but had no luck. It was just trotting down the street with a herd of police cars crawling after it. The sheep evaded capture for quite awhile before they were able to turn it over to Animal Control.

Gotta watch out for those delinquent sheep. They get a taste for alfalfa hay and turn to a life of crime. Next thing you know they are shooting pool at the VFW hall and plotting to fleece the veterans.

I took my pincushion to work, and my little brass thimble, and the threads I pulled from the lining of Brother Sushi’s Tie. Why? To stitch up the slits in the underskirt of my new bargain skirt, the one I wore to stake conference weekend before last and didn’t realize until I sat down, that it was slit halfway up my thigh. On both sides. [Memo to self: hang the mirror that we inherited from Mom. Knee level, so we catch those things that are not obvious in the bathroom mirror. Sheesh!]

Old depth of slit: 13.5”[!!!]; new depth: 4.5”. Much better. There’s still plenty of room for swing dancing and getting in and out of the car, without flashing the general public. I am well and truly de-hoochified.

New excitement on the Churchboy Dating Service. Well, “excitement” might be overstating it a bit. After marking the most recent match “don’t show me this one again”, because who am I to interfere in his incipient happiness, I did a quick search just to keep my account active. As usual, Brother Sushi was at the top of the heap, followed closely by another friend.

After I stopped giggling, I scrolled down and found a new possible match. So I clicked on his profile. And he may, just possibly, not be one more toad on the path to Prince Charming’s Middle-aged Uncle. We shall see. He has an expensive sports car and an obscenely large SUV, both of which featured prominently in the photographs. LittleBit and I were wondering if that means he has more money than he knows what to do with, or if he’s compensating.

We’re evil, I know.

There is also that troublesome phrase “want to SPOIL you”, which is always at least a checkered flag for me. Not that I think I don’t deserve a little spoiling, who doesn’t, but I have found that often it means “want to CONTROL you”.

I sent him an email. He specified “slender, athletic, average” in his preferences. You, kind readers, may have noticed that I am none of the above, so I asked if that was set in stone. I may not be able to leap tall buildings in a single bound, but I am finally in reasonably good shape. It will be interesting to see if there is any response. Not holding my breath on this one, but at least I said hello.

I don’t remember seeing him at any of the local activities before I had foot surgery back in August. I may send his profile to Brother Sushi to see if he knows him or knows anything about him. That’s assuming I hear something other than “not only no but @#$% no”. And we know what happens when people assume.

There was a small blurb at the bottom of the page in the Dallas Morning News today. Billboard Magazine has revised its policy about proprietary albums. So The Eagles’ new CD debuted at #1 with 711,000 copies, slamming that poor self-destructive former teen icon’s new album far to the rear with 290,000 copies. [Behold the power of the Boomer!] I couldn’t find a link at the DMN, but here’s an article from Billboard. There are also a couple of good interviews with Don Henley and Glenn Frey that you can jump to from there, if you’re interested.

One of our non-published numbers at work is a digit or so off from the number that people call to check for outstanding warrants. Must have been a busy weekend for some people, is all I’m saying.

I think my scanner wanted a nap. It sat on a scanning job for a couple of minutes, so I X’d out of the program and logged out and logged back in. Same error message: “Error while interacting with the scanner: the selected scanner was not found.” I knew exactly where it was – right there on my desk. Stupid computer! I had to call my knitting buddy and IT guru to perform an electronic Heimlich on it.

That was all yesterday. Today went much better. And LittleBit and I are heading out to KnitNight. Later, gators!

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