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Friday, November 02, 2007

Shades of Jonathan Swift

I pulled this paragraph from a fact sheet published by the National Summit on America’s “Silent Epidemic”. [Said epidemic being the horrendous dropout rate throughout the country, particularly among poor and minority children.] Emphasis theirs.

“The government would reap $45 billion in extra tax revenues and reduced costs in public health, crime, and welfare payments if the 700,000 20-year-old high school dropouts in the United States today were cut in half.”

Vertically? Horizontally? Either way, it seems a little drastic to me.

Moving on, yesterday I saw a stunning jacket on a woman who works in the suite next door. I beckoned her into our lobby, where I could examine her jacket more closely. She said she bought it at Allie Coosh, a boutique in Dallas. And she told me to google the website and check it out. When I did, it said that the website is under construction. But a different link led me to this delightful article.

I love how she came up with the name for her shop!

I went back to the original link and clicked, and miraculously got through:

Good basic shapes, ready to wear and custom made on-site, with lots of shapes that I could and would make for myself, if I had the time. And a gallery of jewelry artists. I like these examples of Deb Karash’s work:

Here’s her website: I like the contrast between the clean lines of the silver and the rich subtleties of the color work. This is the effect that I always tried to go for, back when I had my loom, and it’s the basis for my wardrobe and accessories and home dec today.

When I was a kid, I wanted matchy-matchy. Now I like to push the edges of monochromatic schemes. Mostly it works. Sometimes I get that comedy of errors that resulted when I tried to buy Jitterbug to go with my [blue]green shirt and [yellow]green slacks. You remember, right?

I wonder if I can afford any of Ms. Karash’s work? There are a couple of pieces that would serve nicely as shawl pins: big enough – I think – not to get lost in the lace, smooth enough not to snag it, subtle enough to hide in plain sight and reward the patient eye; ça me plaît beaucoup.

Here are other artists whose work impressed me nearly as much: Terri Logan, Marcia MacDonald, Jody Peterson, Sharon Schaffner.

The new skirt arrived this afternoon. It is about an inch shorter than my brown and black and cream plaid skirt, maybe half an inch shorter than the brown silk chiffon skirt it is meant to replace. The description on the website just said brown tiered skirt. It was only when I got my confirmation that it said “mesh” skirt. I have been hoping to like it and fearing I would not. I am such a natural fiber snob. I love linen, silk, leather, wool. My skin is rarely fooled by microfibers. I was afraid that this polyester skirt would feel so plastic that my skin would start screaming. Thankfully, it doesn’t. Though I can definitely tell it’s not-silk.

I don’t know how long it will hold up under the depredations of my secretarial chair at work, which has developed a bloodlust for long skirts and chews them up at every opportunity.

I have been very much the Nanny Goat Gruff this past week, knocking trolls of various sizes off my bridge. Actually, this is what happens when trolls meet up with Mama Bear.

But before you start reading about my trolls, run-do-not-walk over to Flo’s for her adventures in pumpkin-dom. And be sure that you have no liquids anywhere near your keyboard.

Trolls be d*mned. Look at what some foul critter did to the hoodie while I was sleeping. I got the right side panel properly redone. And I pinned the curved edge for stitching. Which is when I discovered this:

I will take a page from Scarlett and worry about this one tomorrow. Or at least tonight, after work and a nice soothing dinner and steady chocolate abuse throughout the day.

Naturally, the gnawing occurred at the point where five stitches become one. A math-hating moth? A cable-phobic cricket?

Suggestions? Is there any way that I can duplicate stitch my way out of this mess?

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