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Sunday, November 25, 2007

Sabbath Scarf II How-To

This is for my friend MA. I took the stitch pattern from Knitting on the Edge, p. 146, Diagonal Garter Stitch.

It’s a multiple of 5 stitches plus 2. All RS rows are knit. [That’s RS = right side, not RS = Relief Society. Just in case you were wondering.] So, first right side row, *P2, K3, all the way across, ending P2. And knit back.

Very easy pattern to memorize. I cast on 42 stitches, on size 4 Addi Lace needles, with KnitPicks Gloss. [More of the yarn leftover from Brother Sushi's tie.] If I had wanted an outdoor scarf, I would ramp those needles down or use a thicker yarn. I just wanted something to keep my neck and traps happy at work. The fabric turned out supple but not floppy. I just flipped my knitting to the wrong side and figured out what I needed to do to get that bar of garter stitch to move one stitch to the right, and did that. If you wanted your pattern to move in the other direction, you would just move the bar of garter stitch one stitch to the left.

I knitted until I ran out of yarn, and it finished up about one-third wider than the blue Sabbath Scarf. And I think about a third shorter, but don’t quote me on that one.

When it was about 70% done, I realized that it wasn’t supposed to be for me, at all. So it will go out in the mail tomorrow.

What I would do differently, next time? I would do a garter-stitch border all the way around, as I did on the blue scarf, slipping the first stitch on each row as if to purl. It would make for neater edges and easier blocking.

Why is it so pleasing visually? Ask my buddy, Brother Fibonacci.

On other fronts, much progress on the November Mystery Socks. It is ever so much easier to stick with the leg pattern using Magic Loop. I completed eight rows of a sixteen-row repeat on one sock before church, and 24 rows on the other sock during my meetings. I am about ready to curl up on the couch with a video and my knitting until the home teachers come over, or until LittleBit calls me to come get her from work. Pictures, perhaps, tomorrow.

With this pattern, I learned a new technique for cabling without a needle. If you have a two-stitch right cross, K2tog and leave it on the left needle. Then fish down into the first of those stitches, the rightmost one, and K through it, and pull both stitches off onto your right needle. Try it! Is that not cool?

Much progress ~ nearly to the heel turning ~ on the Stripedy Socks yesterday. Enough knitting that my poor abused left forefinger cried ENOUGH! from the poking of the 00’s. I have acquired the habit of pushing both needle tips with the pads of my fingers. With 4’s all I feel is a bit of pressure. The 00’s are pointy enough that they can poke holes in my finger if I’m not careful.

I plugged in our folk art Christmas tree after church today. The only place I could find clear floor space *and* a wall plug, was behind the dining room table. So the constant plugging and unplugging is going to be a bit of a pain, but it sure is pretty [what I can see of it].

I continue to be amazed and impressed by the excellent customer service at this new apartment complex. I called them on Thanksgiving afternoon because I had no heat, and because the thermostat gave me an impressive light show when I shifted from AC to heat. He was here within 15 minutes, put in a new thermostat immediately, came back promptly the next day to finish the job, came back within ten minutes yesterday when my commode had bubbles coming up from the exit pipe [I’m sure there’s a technical term for it, but I don’t speak Plumberese] and then when I flushed, uh-oh! Lesson learned: if the commode is gargling, do not aggravate it. Thankfully, I had old towels in the bathroom from the recent block-fest, so the half cup of water that overflowed, was easily contained and no harm done.

The teacher in RS this morning asked for examples of things we were thankful for, and I told them how thankful I am for maintenance that shows up and is competent. One of the sisters wisecracked, “Do I hear wedding bells?” and I laughed and said, “No, he's young enough that I could have given birth to him, but he *is* my new best friend!”

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