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Friday, November 23, 2007

Thanksgiving Photos

We dragged LittleBit’s best friend’s boyfriend with us to 2BDH’s mother’s house for dinner. He took these photos outside on my camera after LittleBit had used the school’s camera to snap pictures for class.

Something I found in my inbox this morning, from my friend Leslye [sadly, blogless]:
[EDITED 11/28/2007 TO REMOVE COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL. "My name is Linda S Amstutz and I am the author and registered copyright holder of the essay 'IF MY BODY WERE A CAR'. Publishing this essay without my permission is copyright infringement and a federal offense." NOTE: THIS WAS SENT TO ME WITHOUT ATTRIBUTION. I AM ALWAYS HAPPY TO HONOR COPYRIGHTS. See blog post of 11/28/07.]

Another good column by Brother Goddard at Meridian Magazine.

And the timing is particularly apropos, as we sit in our warm apartments and houses, with cars that run and noses that don’t [huzzah!] and ponder the day ahead, which might as well be called Mammon Day. It’s payday for me, and I am waiting for the direct deposit to hit, so that I can stock up the fridge and the pantry before the crazies all get on the road.

I have gotten the same shiny temptations in my mailbox and inbox as everybody else. And I think that I have seldom felt more grateful for modest means. We have enough for our needs, and a little to spare: enough to work on our year’s supply, to save for the future, and to give mindfully to others. Most of my service is a gift of my time, and most of it is necessarily directed to members of my family, for whom and to whom I am responsible. But in a few short months I will have an empty nest, and it will be time to prayerfully ponder the best use of my time, talents, and other resources.

Nevertheless, it was with no small joy that I watched LittleBit come out of our apartment yesterday, before we headed to the family feast, wrapped up in the hoodie and scarf and mitts that I made her over the past year. She beamed as she got into the car and said, “Look, Mommy, I’m wearing everything you made me. And it’s all purple, and none of it matches!”

True, but all of it “goes”. That purple hat that you see on the ground behind BittyBit, is the only purple in that picture that did not flow through my hands.

Sorry, no pictures of BittyBubba yesterday. I was too busy eating or making faces at him to grab the camera away from LittleBit. But he’s getting *huge*. Not quite four months old, and already 17 lbs. and about to outgrow his infant carseat. He’s going to be a long tall drink of water like his dad!

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