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Five years into widowhood, after one year of incredible happiness and nearly 14 years of single blessedness. Have given up perfect manicures and pretty hands in order to resume playing the soprano recorder and to see if I can figure out how to play bluegrass banjo. Singing in the shower. Still really, *really* love to knit!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

“I think you should take a picture of Trainman. We are curious.”

[I inadvertently deleted Firstborn’s comment re: Trainman. Or maybe it was Freudian. Anyway, I copied it from the email that Blogger sent me and posted it.]

And I would explain the necessity, how? “Hi, sit still so I can take a picture of you for my blog because my oldest kid wants to know what you look like. And so do thirty or forty other people who read my blog.”

I think I’m so comfortable with him because I consider him too young to date [not that he has asked]. I get to be myself, and he can sit with me or not.

As for what he looks like, I don’t think any of my girls would notice him if he walked by on the street: typical 40-something businessman. Smart. Bespectacled. Tidy. Oh, and short. I didn’t realize that he was short [because I get on the train almost half an hour earlier than he does, so I’m always sitting by the window when he shows up] until we both stood up to leave on Monday night. He’s not much taller than I am, maybe 5’7”? Dark hair going salt-and-pepper. Clean-shaven. I don’t think he would even be a blip on their Hottie Meter.

But you know? It’s refreshing to look up and see a face beaming down at me with the same expression of “hey, I remember you, and I *like* you!” that BittyBubba gives me, only coming from someone closer to my own age. It’s not the look I see on the faces of my male friends. And it’s definitely not the greeting I get from the brethren at the singles’ activities.

So, it’s nice.

Changing the subject. Lots of other neat things have happened this week, possibly of a less ephemeral nature. I won two auctions for vintage scarves; they should arrive next week. When I got to Knit Night, Micki had this for me.

[Allspunup is the Etsy dyer.] Can you believe it? She was stash busting and thought it needed to come home with me. It’s even softer than it looks. I let Brother Sushi pet the wool when I went over to pick up speakers for my computer. [I will be listening to the soothing voice of David Reidy all weekend, woohoo!] His comment? “I bet that is going to be soft when you spin it up.” I bet he’s right!

I have provisionally asked for Friday off. I am in the mood to put on my painting clothes and make glorious messes. And four days is better for that, than three.

The turquoise swatch, unswum. And a little bleary-eyed. Size 5: 17.5 sts/in; size 6: 16.5 sts/in; size 7: 16.5 sts/in.

The turquoise swatch, swum. Size 5: 16.5 sts/in; size 6: 15.5 sts/in; size 7: 15 sts/in. Bled quite a bit in the sink, but not as egregiously as that turquoise silk mess from the indy dyer that Grace had to deal with. [Thank you for suggesting so sweetly and strongly that I do this, Jeri.] Looks like the Sunrise Circle Jacket is a go, once I have larger needle tips.

And in the meantime, I am halfway through the third repeat of Chart 2 on Adamas.


Bonnie said...

I can understand how that would be awkward to explain the need for a picture. Maybe you can take up a collection to hire a sketch artist to follow you on the train and capture train man's likeness.

Jenni said...

Thanks for stopping by to see me last night. It was fun talking to you and I say that you just snap the picture real quick and when he asks what for say, "Wasn't it you that was talking about needing a new passport photo? It wasn't? Oh, my bad." nad drop your camera back into the depths of your bag. That is what I would do.

Tola said...

Kinnear him.

Rorek said...

Meh your description works for me. I'm not looking to date for a line while but by your description he sounds lovely. I like tidy older gentlemen who are interesting and wouldn't tower over me. They however, aren't so interested in a short colorful person with entirely too much personality for their own good. Greying hair is also a plus. LOL.

But yes that pretty colorful wool/yarn looks very very soft. It looks like there's alot of it too. :3

Love you Mom!