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Friday, August 22, 2008

Window Shopping, Virtual and Literal

The fall issue of “Real Simple” says that grey is the big color for fall. I am actually a bit ahead of the game, since I’ve blocked [Almost]Cozy and have worn it to church once already. I knitted it up from my charcoal grey Berroco Denim Silk. And I have that lovely black and white tweed skirt with the lace hem, which reads as grey from a distance. I'm thinking that I want an actual sweater in some sort of grey yarn. So I am pondering the KnitPicks WOTA kettle-dyed in Soot, or maybe one of their heathered yarns, or maybe their Andean Silk. This will be decided *after* I have figured out what I am doing with my turquoise Chelsea Silk.

I did some browsing on the Coldwater Creek website yesterday, and after work I went into the local store and tried on the one item that had come in; they’re not getting one of them in-store, and the other should arrive shortly. I tried on a light teal jacquard jacket with ruffled trim, something that I would have said wouldn’t look good on me, and it was just fine, particularly in the shoulders.

The color is wrong to go with what I have in my closet, and I’m not crazy about the other colors that it comes in, so I won’t be buying it when it goes on sale at 70% off in a few months, but it was a useful exercise. I will check back in a couple of weeks to see if the teal swing jacket has come in. It’s suede and also comes in terracotta, and again I am not interested in purchasing it, but I want to see how it fits. If it were black or charcoal grey or a classic red, then I might buy it once it went on sale in the online outlet, but even at 70% off I’m not willing to buy something that is trendy in color and cut. One or the other, yes; both, no.

I also went to Avenue and tried on a couple of jackets. The colors are great, but the fabric isn’t as nice as the Coldwater Creek offerings, and the buttons are icky [great concept, poor execution] and would have to be replaced. So if I can pick one up in a few weeks for $15, I might do that, because they go with what I already have. None that I liked are grey, however; there was one charcoal grey jacket that was so-so, and another that didn’t appeal because it was metallic.

I am looking at scarves on eBay, something that would tie what I have with the new colors for fall, and I’ve found two that I like, but for some reason I can’t purchase from that dealer. My PayPal is linked to my eBay account; I’ve confirmed it twice.

I think the darker teal Gloss Lace will become a long floaty jacket or maybe a kimono. Trendy color, classic cut. I just want to work a project or two in fat yarn before I go back to that skinny stuff.

Good progress yesterday and this morning on both socks for Fiancé. Can’t wait to come home tonight and curl up on the bed with my knitting! But between now and then, there is train knitting and knitting on my breaks and knitting at lunch. Oh, and more knitting.

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Jenni said...

We went into Coldwater Creek when we were shopping the other night. Just kind of looked around and saw what there was to see. It was all part of the fun.