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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Silk Purse in Progress, and Fun in Siberia [?!]

I do believe that something which the neighbors might once have said was distinctly ear-shaped is beginning to rustle like silk! My friend says that the new doors are in at the home center and that the other items are in transit.

The guy who carted off the old stove and miscellaneous scrap metal, got in touch with her and will be painting the exterior. [We had a sign out front that said “Eloy please call me or leave your new number in the mailbox.” I can only imagine what the neighbors must have thought! I would give you a visual, but after my friend called to say that I could take down the sign, I took a nap instead; when I woke up the sign was gone. Otherwise, this post would have been entitled “Eloy’s Coming, Hide Your Heart, Girl”. It’s OK. Now I don’t have to apologize to Three Dog Night.]

I am starting to daydream about a couple of containers for along the front walk. But I don’t want to do that until the big noisy boys have finished tromping all over the yard and playing dodge-ball with ladders and toolboxes.

I have lost track of what happens when, but I do know that my friend has a honey-do list for both halves of the duplex that is as long as my arm. Possibly longer. Every time I think that living here cannot possibly get any more comfortable, she thinks up some new refinement.

By the time I had the sky pictures uploaded to Blogger last night, the storm had moved south. I sat on the porch for five or ten minutes until the mosquitoes found me. What can I say? I am just so sweet that they cannot stay away. Who knew that the average mosquito is wiser than [if not smarter than] the average middle-aged man?

I need want to get speakers for this computer. Recommendations, anyone? I don't want to rock the neighborhood, but I do want to listen to my podcasts. The window unit here in the living room keeps me oh so comfy and is only slightly noisier than the A/C at the previous apartment, but the difference is sufficient that I cannot easily listen to podcasts or the HGTV shows which I only discovered last night are available online, for free, but which cannot be tweaked for volume, unlike HGTV’s how-to videos].

When I went to bed this morning, both heels were complete on the Maybe Not So Boring Black Boot Socks. It was a good stopping point.

Now this? This is cool! A young single adult conference in Siberia, of all places. It puts my trek to our not-young singles dances in Lewisville [35 miles] and Richardson [50 miles] squarely in perspective. At least I do not have to take the Trans-Siberian Railway to get there. They looked as if they were having way more fun than we do at some of our activities. We are having one here in Fort Worth next weekend. I am looking forward to it. I have never not had a good time at one of the FW activities; I see no reason why things should be any different this time around.

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Tan said...

At least they all look like young single adults. I was surprised when the young singles ward from our stake spoke at the care center where I play organ for sacrament meeting--one of the speakers was a year ahead of my son in high school, and Howwie is nearly 32 . . . the guy is divorced and hunting again.