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Five years into widowhood, after one year of incredible happiness and nearly 14 years of single blessedness. Have given up perfect manicures and pretty hands in order to resume playing the soprano recorder and to see if I can figure out how to play bluegrass banjo. Singing in the shower. Still really, *really* love to knit!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Objéts trouvés, philosophy, and *stuff*

As has been documented exhaustively here on the blog, I am slowly, gently, and thoughtfully dealing with *stuff*. Some of which I have been lugging around for twenty years. Unclutterer.com is helpful; it keeps me focused and frequently makes me laugh. Every so often they have a column that has links to articles and posts from one year before. On Sunday I found a link to this article.

I strongly recommend that my girls read it; it may help them understand their parents a little better. According to the article, there may be a genetic component. [I think the only thing that keeps your Aunt J from being a packrat like her brothers is the fact that she is a nun and has taken a vow of poverty. She can’t accumulate *stuff* because she has renounced *stuff*, and she is a woman of her word.]

I have *stuff* because I am relentlessly prolific, and I cycle through my interests on a fairly regular basis. It would make no sense to get rid of my cross stitch supplies simply because knitting is what interests me at the moment. I am thankful not to have pitched out my leftover yarn during one move or another, because soon I will have a turquoise tweed cardi that I am guaranteed not to see the like of, because they’re not making that yarn anymore. I am not buying oodles and oodles of new yarn, because I have a decent stash. I’m sure that the boardrooms of America are not pleased with me for weaning myself, at least somewhat, from rampant consumerism as a substitute for love. I maintain that my life is happier and more peaceful than it used to be.

While I was rooting around for that last ball of Chelsea Silk, I found the bag that contains the remnant of tablecloth which I am using to embellish that denim duster I showed you a few months ago. One of these days [fairly soon, as opposed to six months from now], I will sit down one evening and baste a lace overlay onto that second lapel. And once it is in place, I can haul out my silk ribbon embroidery books and my collections of silk ribbons and perle cotton and beads, and finish the job properly. It will make a nice change from all this knitting, but I do not think it will head me off on a new tangent. I think one embellished denim duster is all that anybody needs, unless they sing in Nashville.

“Sing in Nashville” is not on my bucket list.

It was so nice to wake up this morning, only a little ahead of my alarm, and swing my feet out of the bed and not have to maneuver around the bench. I thought all day yesterday that I had neglected to pick up the bag of screws and set-screws that holds the bench together, when I loaded up the car in the morning. But when I unloaded at Firstborn’s house last night, there was the bag! So I do not get to use the nifty blog title “A Screw Loose and a Dollar Short”, at least not immediately.

I also got Brother Sushi’s mascarpone delivered to him before Knit Night, and a couple of hugs, and then I was happily awake and knitting away until about a quarter to nine.

I have four or five rows to go before the decreases begin. Jeri brought an unbroken skein of Wool Of The Andes Bulky and regular WOTA to work with me, in case I run out of the Gloss Lace before I run out of pattern. I either just will or just won’t need to break into that third skein. I am hoping to put it, intact, into the mail on Saturday; another member of Ravelry needs one in this dye lot for her project. I would show you pictures of all this glory, but my camera informs me that we need to recharge the batteries. So, maybe tomorrow.


Jenni said...

I walked in my room last night and there was the bench, all transplanted and set up, courtesy of my husband. Thanks for bringing it over. PS. He liked your description of the color. Hoped it would be a hint for me.

Bonnie said...

Dad definitely falls into the "hoarder psychosis" category. We are not going to be able to pluck one piece of junk mail from his apartment until he is gone, I'm afraid.

Lynn said...

That should have read "Jeri brought an unbroken skein of Wool Of The Andes Bulky and regular WOTA to Knit Night, and I brought it to work with me, in case I run out of the Gloss Lace before I run out of pattern.