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Monday, September 01, 2008

One More Sent over to Ravelry!

I was knitting away before the combined Relief Society / Priesthood meeting yesterday when I heard, “Hi, I just came over to see what you were knitting.” And it wasn’t one of the RS sisters; it was one of the new hubbies that moved into our ward with his young family. He pulled his crocheting out of his pocket and grinned at me.

I asked him if he also knit, and he said that he knows how, but that he doesn’t like dropping stitches. I told him I knew what would fix that. He came back when the meeting was over, and I showed him my KnitPicks Harmony needles, with their handy little keyhole for tightening the joint between cable and needle, which is also good for stringing a lifeline through your work. [Not that I do that, of course; we know I would much rather count. And recount. And count yet again.]

He also tats. And told me about two brothers who make custom tatting shuttles and have some sort of act that they take on the road. I will have to check into that. I gave him the link to Ravelry and told him to get on the waiting list. He wrote it down.

Finding a place for the TV has not been easy. For one thing, it is rather large, and its stand is larger. Yesterday before church I slid the stand the length of the living room, through the hall, and into my room. Then I slid the TV as close to the stand as I could get it without actually picking it up and incurring the wrath of my youngest child. When she came to dinner, she hoisted the TV on top of the stand [which I had put where the dresser and ladder-back chair have stood for two months, because there are only two outlets in my room] and connected the new speakers to my computer.

She also connected the TV, VCR, and DVD player; all that I needed to do was to find my power cord so I could plug it in. Ten minutes or so after she hugged me and left, I found the cord. One small problem. It’s a three-prong plug, and the only available outlet is for a two-prong plug.

Out here in the living room, the shredder is connected to a three-prong outlet. I can move the small bookcase to the left of my computer desk somewhere and scoot this desk over a couple of feet and set up the TV where the desk now stands. That will give me relatively clear access to the doorway into the hall. And it would allow me to sit on the couch and watch TV. But it leaves me with two new questions: where does the bookcase go? and where do I plug in the shredder?

I guess it could go into the power strip. It would still be convenient to the desk. It would still be a few steps away from where I collect the recycling before I take it out to the bins.

Mutter, mutter, mumble, snort.

I managed to put another repeat of chart 2 on Adamas yesterday, in spite of nodding off repeatedly in church and at home. And established a few more pockets of order here and there. LittleBit thought that the collapsible drawers in the shoe organizers were pretty nifty.

This morning I have gone through my closet and pulled out a dozen or so items that still look nice, but I’m tired of them or I was never entirely crazy about the way they fit. They are folded neatly and stacked atop the large hatbox, which will go over to Secondborn’s house today, along with 2BDH’s fiberglass tape. I’ll drop the clothing off at the thrift store with about two dozen hangers.

I’ve decided that my pajamas will go into the bottom drawer of the chest of drawers. I have half a dozen really nice items that I would like to give to somebody in the ward, if there’s a need [my interview suit that got me my job, for one] And two items that are still lovely and fit well, but there are small stains, so I’m going to think up an embellishment that won’t look tacky and see if I can eke out a few more years of use from them. I threw several T-shirts into the rag pile; they may not get cut up for awhile, but they’re officially out of my closet.

I ate the last of the bread cheese pudding and the cherry pie filling for breakfast. [One of the perks of living alone: I can have dinner for breakfast and breakfast for dinner, and nobody squawks.] That was awhile ago; I’m ready for a little snack. Hmm, do I want some champagne grapes, or those dolmas that I couldn’t resist at Central Market on Saturday?

I’ve decided to put the small bookcase over in the corner in the living room where the TV table was, at least for now. I’ve also put the CD’s away in their rack on the inside of my closet door. And there is still room for four of those lucite boxes to hold my accessories, if I decide to buy them after all.

I’m midway through the tenth repeat of chart 2 on Adamas. And I’m off to refuel, divest, and recycle. Happy Labor Day, everybody. I’m bagging the singles’ picnic tonight; I’m having too much fun here at home.

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