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Saturday, September 27, 2008


Warning: photo-heavy post.

I had a great time at the support staff retreat yesterday. We had a motivational speaker in the morning, lunch in the Ewing Mansion, and educational games (!) in the afternoon.

[Cowboy optional. And possibly superfluous.] The bed was arranged to be viewed from the other side, but there was also a small placard that said Please do not sit on the bed. As if there would have been room! I wanted a picture of the pillow that you can just barely see peeking over those white coverlets. It featured galloping horses. And probably a galloping price tag as well. LittleBit would have loved it.

OK, I’m not so much about the chickens, but look at all the neat red stuff on that table! Lots of pretty black and white things displayed throughout the gift shop. I loved this towel! [Just not enough to buy it.]

Can I get an “amen”? And these dishes!

And if you are into cows or giraffes or wine, rather than chickens. Embiggen to read the price tag. What do they think this is, Koigu?

And speaking of Koigu?

We now have a local source! This photo is a little blurry, and the colors are a lot less rich than when I am holding the skein in my hand. My sister made a quilt that featured appliqued flowers on a black background. The pastels, brights and jewel-tones simply glowed against that black. [Ruth, do you know the pattern I mean? It’s 4:00am in her time zone as I draft this post; I don’t think that my sister would be thrilled if I called her right this minute.] Something about a night garden, I think. This yarn reminds me of her quilt. But no, I am not giving her this yarn for her upcoming birthday.

Pictures of the Ewing Mansion tomorrow.

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