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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Through a Glass, Darkly

As I drove in to work yesterday, I saw a business decal on the back window of a pickup truck: Advanced Shades and Shutters. This would be as opposed to Remedial ones?

Yesterday was one of those good news / bad news days. First a bit of good news. My sister-in-law flew in from CA yesterday. [The IRS says she is still my sister-in-law; the IRS is bigger than the State of Texas, besides which I have never had any quarrel with her.] I asked for half a day of PT, but given the circumstances, the office manager told me to take PM [permission morale]. So Secondborn and her tribe did the actual picking-up, and I helped with the hugging, and we all met up at the hospital later.

We found out, more or less on the way to the hospital, that they had released the children’s father and were basically just waiting for somebody to fetch him. They went spelunking for blood clots yesterday and found none, so since he is on Medicare and the neurologist had already signed off with orders for assisted living, out onto the ice floe he goes, and watch out for polar bears. They did find one of the managed-care people who hadn’t gone home for the day, and she was warm and compassionate and a font of useful information, which the girls now have.

OK, more good news. Middlest’s STBX got her a one-way emergency ticket home via the Navy Marine Corp Relief Society [my cynical guess is that this cost him nothing; I am just cranky enough to hope that it was obscenely expensive and that he will have to live on PBJ’s for a couple of weeks]. I will pick her up this morning. She is bringing two suitcases and a backpack and will deal with getting the rest of her stuff home to Texas, later.

Firstborn and his sister got the children’s father to Firstborn’s house last night, where the rest of the tribe met up. [I went on to Knit Night.] In spite of a serious mucking-out on Sunday after church, his place is no place for a stroke patient. His bedroom is upstairs, and there are a bajillion other issues. He does not know what year it is. He cannot feed himself.

He had another stroke last night at Firstborn’s, shortly after they got him there. They called 911. I do not know where he is at the moment, but the girls are capable and incensed.

My job, and my very great pleasure, is to pick up Middlest at the airport. I had planned on keeping her all to myself for the first few hours, but obviously that’s gone by the wayside. I called the office as soon as I knew that she was flying in and told them that since I hadn’t seen my dear girl for two years [I think it might be closer to three], I wanted to spend the day with her.

Kristen, thank you for the book recommendations. I suspect one or more of them will come home with me later today.

MS4 is on the needles. The extremely fiddly foundation rows are done, plus two rows of pattern on Clue 1. I am knitting both halves at once, from opposite ends of the ball. I am using the beads leftover from MS3, and I am liking the Alpaca Cloud for this project.

And now I am going to see if my phone is done charging, because I expect a call from Middlest in the next hour or so. I think I will eat the second half of that potato from Monday night. I inhaled the second half of the chocolate mousse cake about 15 seconds after locking the front door last night. Almost, as I might have said earlier, a religious experience.


Jenni said...

And almost a whole day later and all that I know is that I hate beurocracies!

Ruth's Place said...

Well, that's a new one for me! Is it an old struggle song?