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Friday, May 22, 2009

Are we there yet?

I’ve put two and two together, and I’ve looked in the back of the book to check my answer, but I might not be getting four.

BusDude [not sure at this point if he will need/earn another name] was on the bus again yesterday; he smiled and greeted me by name. That’s the first two.

Remember a couple of weeks ago when I staggered and almost fell, just before getting on the bus? And a man in line behind me reached out to steady me and asked if I was all right? That’s the second two.

I am suddenly wondering if ThatDude and BusDude are one and the same. That might explain why he spoke to me this week, when I had no idea who he was. He might have been thinking, “Oh, wow, it’s LurchLady.”

What, you don’t make up names for people, inside your head?

When I went to bed last night, I had completed 65 rows on the right front; 38 rows remain until the purling ridge. Also when I went to bed last night, I wasn’t sure if I would be driving in today or riding the train. The managing attorney is closing up shop an hour early, to help us get a jump start on holiday traffic. Which is lovely, and I’m thankful, but it keeps me off the same train as Trainman, unless I want to hang around the train station for nearly an hour and a half.

And there is the wedding reception graduation ceremony for my friends at 7:00. It is in far northeast Dallas, almost on the cusp of Richardson. I could go hang out at one of the bookstores between work and there, maybe nosh on a Greek chicken salad sandwich to take the edge off.

On the other hand [too much Fiddler on the Roof lately], I had some of the Greek chicken salad last night while listening to Stranger than Fiction and knitting. My ankles are a little unhappy with me this morning. It might be a day for a simple PBJ. And I wonder: how do they know that the chicken is (was) Greek? Did it run around drinking ouzo and clucking “opa!” before it became salad?

I am glad that this is going to be a long weekend, that we will have the focused intensity of ward conference this weekend and then Monday off to let our bodies catch up with our spirits. I am having a really great week, spiritually and emotionally, and my body would like a long walk and a longer nap. Though I actually slept until the alarm went off; that may be the first time this week.

I guess I will see how long I take in the tub and how long it takes me to find something I want to wear, and let that determine if I ride the train and just come home and put in a movie and knit, or drive in and go wish my friends well tonight. Tune in tomorrow...

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Jenni said...

You could come hang out at my house and eat cookies and watch Leatherheads with us this evening. We rented it last weekend and still need to watch it.