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Saturday, May 09, 2009

Dazed and Corn-fused

Had an interesting discussion with Brother Sushi on the way home from the restaurant last night. Told him that I was treating my corns with OTC topical salicylic acid, and that the past two nights when I lay down, I was suddenly dizzy, also at Supercuts while getting up from the shampoo sink. Could they be related? He thought they might. This link appears to agree. So off came the corn pad, and I wonder how long it will take for my body to return to normal. Or what passes for normal these days. And I wonder what I can use to get rid of the last of the corn on my left pinky toe, as well as the big one on the sole of my foot, which does not appear to be a plantar wart [BTDT, had one frozen off when I was 20].

Patch, patch, patch.

He had to work late, so Five Guys was out, as it’s half an hour [or more] away in Southlake. We both needed to refuel, quickly and locally, so we tried the new(ish) Ryan’s over by Hobby Lobby in Arlington. Buffet, inexpensive [yes, I know that’s oxymoronic], lots of home-cooking standards presented simply and well. I went back for seconds on the glazed carrots. I’m thankful that I have learned how to eat sensibly at a buffet restaurant: ridiculously small portions of whatever I like, knowing that I can go back for more if there’s room at the inn. I had a dietitian’s idea of a portion of the apple cobbler, and about two bites of carrot cake, and called it a night.

I have pigs in blankets nearly ready to come out of the oven, and then I need to pack my bags to head over to the food storage and emergency preparedness open house that our stake is hosting today. And it just occurred to me that the person who is staffing our ward’s booth, is the penultimate RS president, and that if I take my note cards and my lists of sisters, I can get a good idea of who’s who and what they might need, without having to call another presidency meeting.

Bwa ha ha ha ha!

[I have index cards with a graph-paper grid on the back, and a new package of glue sticks, and removable tabby-clippie-things to tag the cards of the sisters who are pregnant, and a bajillion dollars’ worth of forever stamps at the old rate. Let the organizing begin!]

I also have about 20 rows to go, before knitting the turning ridge for the hem on the left front of my Sunrise Circle Jacket.

I bought nice big black snaps to sew between the buttons on my black linen blend duster. I wore it to work on Thursday and was reminded while on the train into Dallas why I hadn’t been wearing it. Gaposis. Major gaposis. I spent more time tugging the front opening of the duster into submission than I did knitting. And the first thing I did once I got to the office was to grab my emergency sewing kit and strategically insert a safety pin.

The pigs in blankets are particularly good this morning. Wish you were here!

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Jenni said...

Wish I was there to eat too as my tummy is rumbling.