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Monday, May 18, 2009

What an amazing weekend!

It felt as if it had lasted a whole week, so much got done. When I went to bed last night, I was so tired that I did the shut-down-restart routine that I do on my workstation at the office, except that my finger slipped and I locked down my computer. And then I couldn’t remember the master password. Thankfully, a hard shut-down solved that problem, though I’m sure my hard drive isn’t happy with me.


In non-technical news, i.e., knitting news, I opted to watch the first half of Fiddler on the Roof yesterday after church, and I added ten rows onto the Sunrise Circle Jacket. I thought it was particularly apropos during Tzeitel’s wedding, as the family was singing “Sunrise, Sunset”.

Yeah, I’m just that sentimental. I love that movie, for the glorious music, for the costuming and the dancing, for the fact that it was the movie I saw on my first date with FirstHubby. He sat on my right, I sat on his left, and I cried all through the movie, but only from my left eye. So there I was, sniffling and weeping on the half of my face he couldn’t see, and dry-eyed at first glance. Now there is a foreshadowing and a metaphor for that marriage.

The focus this week [I think, as I sit here at the computer where life is calm and peaceful] is going to be on visiting teaching. I’ve got sisters who are willing to serve and plenty more who need service. I think I will be able to go to the laundromat tonight and wash two or three smallish loads before it all piles up and overwhelms me. And my visiting teacher is coming over Thursday night.

I learned at the dance on Saturday night that there is a monthly dance at the Southside Preservation Hall, not far from our chapel. One of my friends went there this month, instead of the church dance in Lewisville, and she didn’t stop dancing from the time she walked in the door until the dance ended at midnight. I am thinking seriously of going in June. I felt so good when I went to bed on Saturday night. And surprisingly, I had no trouble hauling myself out of bed yesterday. Auntie Mame may have needed a little Christmas, right this very minute, but what Ms. Ravelled needs is a whole lot more dancing, in a safe venue.

And that would be someplace I could take LadyZen. And maybe even Trainman.

Ack! I just took a hard look at my desk, and somebody needs to take ten minutes and clear it off. I really do need to talk to the housekeeper, because she is letting things slide dreadfully! I hope that I am not required to lead-by-example in terms of housework. Definitely not something I want to bring up in my private prayers, as I fear for the answer.

The knitting beckons. I must obey.

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Sherry said...

Mike bought us tickets to see Topol in Fiddler at the Dallas Summer Musicals this Saturday. I'll let you know how it turns out, though it sounds like loads of fun.
Can we get together on May 31 or on June 13 (my birthday, and I think I'd actually prefer that if it works for you.) I don't think I'm going to be free until then, but I want to see you!