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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Tuesday, no, Wednesday

Re: I Could Never Be Your Woman. MovieMom says that it went straight to video. I think khat song you sent me the link for, is part of the soundtrack. You hear just a snippet of something like it at one point in the movie, if you’re listening carefully.

The Sunrise Circle Jacket is done, unless I decide that I want buttons and button loops. I will check out Benno’s on Friday, but I am leaning more toward just closing it with a pin of some sort.

It fits perfectly without blocking, other than the fact that the sleeve hems come down to my fingertips. I suppose I could ruche the sleeves if I get tired of playing peekaboo.

But wait, there’s more in the Good News department! The city actually picked up my trash and recycling yesterday. I pulled Lorelai out of the driveway, put both cans at the end of the driveway, and took off. When I got home from Knit Night, both cans were on their sides and empty except for a little rainwater.

Our street is still under construction, and there is a gravel pile in front of the duplex. I guess last week the trucks couldn’t get close enough to the curb to pick up the trash.

This article is really long, and really good. Fascinating, even. I found it through a link on Unclutterer. You might enjoy the article even more if you have a mug of milk and some cinnamon graham crackers. And once you’ve read the article, you’ll understand why I’m grinning as I type that.

I started swatching the Autumn Asters cardigan this morning.

And I got the OK to attend closing arguments on the trial I wanted to see. Our attorney thinks it’s going to be a day-and-a-half trial; that day, I’ll go to the dentist in the early morning and then head over to the courtroom.

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Jenni said...

I cleaned off the desk in the living room yesterday. Trust me when I say that it required some serious uncluttering.