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Monday, May 25, 2009

Today, a Sabbath of sorts

Sunday night, late:
I came home from the eight-hour spiritual feast that was ward conference, so tired that I was coughing and verging on asthma. So tired that all I wanted was to curl up on the couch and have a good cry. I knew that once I had eaten something light and taken a nap, I would be fine. Yay! for the orange juice I bought on Saturday night, and the last of the potato salad. I went right to bed, hoping for a short nap, and slept for five hours.

And now, at 10:17 on Sunday night, I am once again vertical and snacking on more juice and the last of the Greek chicken salad on sourdough bread. My body is rested, my spirits are refreshed, and I am ready to pick up my knitting and watch something Sabbath-appropriate, which chez Ravelled would mean Sense and Sensibility, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, or Fiddler on the Roof. I am gradually acquiring more movies of that sort, films that maintain my respect and reverence for God, family, and principle.

I love the film adaptation of Lord of the Rings. It is visually beautiful and morally exalting. And it is a little too noisy ~ for me ~ for the Sabbath, though I certainly wouldn’t criticize anyone who chooses to watch it on Sundays or whenever they observe their own Sabbath.

I had planned to spend tomorrow on the couch, knitting in hand and movies in the DVD player. Between meetings at church, I realized that I could perform a very small act of service by taking one of my friends who no longer drives, to the fabric store. I could enjoy her company, browse the patterns, possibly pick up buttons for the Sunrise Circle Jacket, and still spend most of the day on the couch.

But the man who was my first home teacher in this ward, passed away on Saturday morning, and I spent part of that day at the hospital with his family, running an errand for them, and heading over to Dallas for our pre-conference temple session. We will be having a memorial service for him, appropriately enough, on Memorial Day. His graveside service, which will be handled by the VA, will be later in the week.

By my computer, it is 1:42am. I have just finished the purl bump row on the right front of the jacket. I am only a little hungry, but powerfully thirsty. [Because knitting is such thirsty business!] I think I hear the carrot sticks calling my name...

Monday morning, somewhat later:
I went to bed at 3:36am, halfway through the fourth row of the hem on the jacket. I woke up three hours later, more or less, and finished the row. Then I took a squint at the placement of decreases on row three and realized that I had begun them in the wrong spot. Out came the fourth row, and about two-thirds of row three, which is now redone. After a bit of breakfast and a quick bath, I will pick up where I left off.

I hope to have the ribbing well underway on Autumn Asters by the time I go to bed tonight.

Thank a veteran today, if you get a chance, and pray for our troops. [Hi, Josh, we love you!]

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Jenni said...

Glad that you can find joy in service even if it has changed your plans for the day.