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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Pictures, at last!

Somebody else I met on Friday night: Ms. PinkLemon, herself! She is the genius behind the Hanami Shawl, MS3 [the mystery stole I made], and various other lovely things. She was wearing a brand-new design she had finished only that morning, in an interesting shape. Something like unto a crescent moon, with a perfectly-conceived ruffle along the convex edge. The free ends kind of swirled and spiraled down. I do not want to think about how many stitches I will have to bind off, on a ruffle whose narrow [i.e., gathered] end is probably six feet long.

I ended up not seeing BestFriend yesterday. When I turned on my cell phone, there was a message from her: work project most of the day with her hubby, and daughter’s prom last night. Her youngest is two years younger than LittleBit but is graduating early and heading off to college shortly. We will get together on BestFriend’s birthday in a couple of weeks, which is WWKIP Day. [World Wide Knit in Public Day.] That was moving day, last year, and by the time I got the truck returned, all the knitters over on the lawn of the Kimbell Museum had gone home.

As it turns out, I will not be attending that trial on Tuesday; it settled just before lunch on Friday. Naturally, that is the best outcome for our client and for the insurance company. Nevertheless, I am still a wee bit disappointed at not getting to see our attorney in action against such an interesting plaintiff. So I will go to the dentist for a cleaning, then dash by the optical shop to have my new frames tweaked; the left bow has apparently decided to lobotomize me, going in from behind my ear so as to keep the element of surprise. And then I will go into work.

Good thing I like my job, huh?

There may have been a falling-down at the Shabby Sheep on Friday. Two skeins of Manos del Uruguay and eight skeins of Malabrigo are sitting in a bag in my living room, avoiding all eye contact and whistling nonchalantly. I placed an order with WEBS yesterday for the rest of the yarn I need to make Autumn Asters. Instead of a fuchsia collar, mine will be dark green; those flowers are really going to pop against that background! And since we calculated I would need five skeins of Malabrigo to replace seven skeins of Manos, and she only had four skeins, I am going to knit the collar first and improvise the hems and button bands as needed. I picked up a skein of medium green to embroider a few leaves here and there; I can always use that for the button bands if necessary.

I will have tons of [most of the] yarn leftover and may succumb to the temptation of making a felted entrelac bag, if I can find nice sturdy leather handles in a color I like.

All that lovely Telemark shall not go to waste. But first I need to get Autumn Asters out of my system by getting it onto ~ and off of ~ my needles. That pattern has been cajoling, whining, and shrieking at me. So I’m doing the knitting equivalent of giving it a cookie before dinner to buy a little peace.

I have discovered a disadvantage to watching and/or listening to movies while knitting. [I’ll wait while my knitting friends grab a chair or a table to steady themselves.] In a musical or dance movie, which is generally what I prefer, or a nice talky chick flick, I can knit away and keep up with both plot and stitch count. But it wasn’t until I watched the special features for The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen that I realized Special Agent Sawyer was in fact *Tom* Sawyer, all grown up. Oye. What else have I not noticed in that movie?

Some of my kids are shaking their heads in disbelief that I would watch TLoEG, much less enjoy it, much much less ponder it. Two words: (1) Sean, (2) Connery. That, and the fact that chez Ravelled it is one-half a double feature DVD with a (1), (2) punch. Do you have any idea how much I would pay for an audioBook of Mormon with Sean Connery narrating? Now if there is anybody living who can wrap his mouth around “inasmuch as”, “behooveth”, or “and it came to pass”, it is he. I defy anybody to fall asleep in early morning seminary class if he is reading ... “...smote [insert name of any convenient BoM bad guy], that he died...”

Yea, verily!

Here are the pictures of the Sunrise Circle Jacket that my camera held hostage the other day. A detail of the hem, showing the curve in front.

That funky white diamond near the right edge, is a snippet of bedding that was peeking through. Here is the neck curve.

A little out of focus, and definitely overexposed, but you get the idea. This is the lower hem.

And here you can see how the stitches begin to curve at the underarm.

The right front.

And the cuff.

This morning I added the button loops, but I didn’t have time to mark the placement of the buttons. More photos when that’s all done. But now I need to grab my bags and head out the door to ward council. Yes, I remembered the cheese sticks for between meetings. I’m learning!

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Kristen said...

Very impressive. I'm stuck halfway through some simple baby booties....