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Thursday, May 07, 2009

Brownie Points?

I commented to one of my coworkers, after we had left the funeral home, that I thought we should all get brownie points for not pinching off the officiator’s head. I have never been to a service that was so lacking in comfort. And three times [*three times*] he said the name of their living child, instead of the one we were there to honor. [Not sure that is the right verb, but you know what I mean.] Audible collective gasp. The father stepped forward and quietly corrected him the second time, and he did apologize, but I think he was just flat out of his element.

Another of my coworkers told me, as we hugged outside, that she was going to tell her family that they were not to use this officiator, and that if they did she would come back and haunt them.

I found out yesterday that there was a third death in the office last week; one of our attorneys lost her aunt the same morning that we learned we had lost this little one.

Happier news. I ate my leftovers from Monday night, after getting home last night and before leaving for the church and my presidency meeting. I love it when food does not go to waste, although that meal will definitely go to waist!

All the paperwork that I hole-punched yesterday morning is now somewhere in my notebook. I need more dividers. Not many, but a few more. And I need to pick up index cards, and more note cards and stamps. First item of business is a personal note introducing myself to each of the sisters in the ward. All 138 of them, 51 of whom do not have visiting teachers.

Oye. Good thing I’m not dating anybody, right? I’m going to be one busy girl this weekend.

Still more visible progress on the Sunrise Circle Jacket. I have started marking where the increases should go, using split markers so that I can hook them into the fabric on the work-even rows. I am nearly to the end of the generic increase section and will start today on the portion that is just for my size.

I think the sleeves are going to be too long, unless they squinch up and stretch sideways during blocking. I may be unpicking the cast-on edge, frogging carefully, and knitting a new fold line and hem from the top down. I think there is no danger of running out of yarn.

And now if you will all excuse me, I am going to rustle up some breakfast and knit a row while the tub fills.

This coming weekend is the one where the dulcimer festival is scheduled; last time I checked the website, it was still on. There is also a lot of rain forecast, and I am leery of going to a large outdoor activity. Mayfest was canceled in downtown Cowtown last weekend because of the risk of swine flu; the health department for Tarrant County canceled all public outdoor activities. The dulcimer festival is in a different county, but I have a pregnant daughter and a responsibility to my ward and no wish to be Typhoid Ravelled.

There will, however, be dinner tomorrow night with Brother Sushi, venue to be determined. My friend Francis has a couple of interesting places listed on his blog, and I’ve printed off directions to one of them.


Jenni said...

There is no swine flu. It is piglet flu now. Plus we are too mean to get really sick in this family. Or maybe that is just me.

Tan said...

What an awful funeral. Yuck.

Sherry said...

Reminds me of the funeral I went to once (non-LDS) where the minister spent much of the time yelling at us about hellfire and damnation. Not much comfort there.....