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Sunday, May 01, 2011

One word ...

Is worth a thousand pictures? I have yet to dig out the CD-Rom for my camera, and we got some good pictures at the restaurant with Chutzpah and Vanille after the miniatures show.

Printer has just spit out the last of my handouts for Primary. I spent rather too much time playing AARP games yesterday on my lightning-fast computer, and now I am ready to sit down and study the material I only glanced at last night.

Not sure what I am going to do for treats for them. I did not go shopping last night. Maybe I will take those two boxes of granola and mix them together and throw in a little more dried fruit and divide it up into snack bags? I wonder if that would be any more popular than the [sharp] cheese sticks. I’m quite sure it would be more popular than little PBJ’s made with natural peanut butter, which took me over a year to get used to.

In the latest adventure, after a brief, verging-on-guilty-panic search, I located the iPod which the girls gave me for Christmas [in the safe place where I had put it] and have it charged, synced and ready to go. I am so thankful that I did not have to tell them I had lost their gift.

It sunk in yesterday that I am going to have to buy speakers for this computer. An out-of-the-box computer would have them factory-installed, but would be nowhere near as cool as this [mute] one. I used to have some, but they wore out, and it didn’t occur to me when we were ordering parts that I should order new ones. [Secondborn, please ask your sweetheart to put some options on the wishlist with the keyboard, for when I bring him the check later this week. Preferably Lamborghini quality at tricycle prices.] I tried to watch the YouTube of the missionaries singing the National Anthem at some sporting event. Think Marcel Marceau, with nametags.

Secondborn went to visit our friend Nita yesterday. She called when Fourthborn and I were at IHOP, and the restaurant was noisy, and I didn’t want to be one of those people. But if I understood her correctly, they are taking Nita off the ventilator “Sunday” ~ which presumably means today.

Sigh ... so not ready for this. [But then I’m sure she did not have it down on her calendar, either.] Firstborn and Secondborn both arrived on a Sabbath, leading to much ribbing about my having labored on that day. Maybe it’s an equally good day for departures?

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