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Sunday, May 08, 2011

Yay for feral dust bunnies!

Unlike most of the places I’ve lived in for the past thirty-some years, I have no problem with nasty little bugs that migrate from apartment to apartment. However, I do have trees, and I do see the occasional waterbug, probably the same thing that they call a palmetto bug in Florida. These are the ones that fly and sound like a B-52 bomber when they do. I have become reasonably proficient at taking them down, mid-flight, with my trusty flyswatter.

This morning while I was zipping through Google Reader, I saw one out of the corner of my eye. It was headed for my studio, and by the time I found the flyswatter (buried under the CDs I recently fed to iTunes), it was nowhere in sight. Sigh.

A couple of minutes later, it waddled back my way, trailing one leg behind it. Apparently it ran into one of the dust bunnies, which had a death grip on its ankle and slowed it down enough that I could thwack it, mid-scuttle. Bwah-ha-ha!

When I head in for my shower in a few minutes, I will flush it.

In non-insect news, I have wound the yarn for Willow’s shawlette and printed off the pattern. I will probably take Fourthborn’s Fiancé’s hat to work on during church, if I can find a needle size I like, because once I am happy with my gauge this will become mindless knitting.

At least that’s the theory.

The memorial service yesterday was wonderful, and I don’t have time to do it justice at the moment. Maybe after church and a nap. I came home, verklempt, and took a nice long nap, then went out and did my grocery shopping. It is likely to be another comfort food week, and I am well-prepared. I also found something cute to toss into the next CARE-packages of fabric for Middlest and Fourthborn (which will not go out anytime soon, so don’t get too excited, but it will be fun).

It was good to spend time with Firstborn and Secondborn yesterday, even given the circumstances.

My thoughts are racketing around inside my head like drops of water on a skillet, so this will have to do. I’ll put together the snack bags and go soak my head.

I should have pictures of happy, clean, dry skeins of handspun for your viewing pleasure, tomorrow.

I hope that those of you who like this Hallmark Holiday better than I do, have a good one. I love being a mother, and I am crazy about my kids.

Middlest, if you want to write down all those nice things you said about Nita and send them to her family, I will send you her snailmail addy.

Breakfast. Breakfast would be good.

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