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Thursday, March 19, 2015


I love it. Very nice mixture of new buildings and really cool old ones. Incredibly wide sidewalks. Reasonably (and sometimes unreasonably) wide streets. Brother Brigham would approve.

I realized, in a minor panic on the plane Wednesday, that I'd gotten away from Texas without the meds and vitamins I had so carefully packed. A flurry of texts back and forth with Fourthborn, who frisked my room, the kitchen, and the loo. Multiple times, coming up empty.

Yesterday, after being on the phone with my insurance provider and the local pharmacy, I finally *finally* remembered that I had stowed the Ziploc bag under the front seat when I dashed into CVS to get a shower pouf and some chocolate (which I will be able to eat, once I pick up my prescription after lunch).

This is a great city for walking. There is a small gallery across the street that I wanted to investigate. It turned out to be a custom printing shop, and closed.

We had breakfast yesterday at a little place called The French Corner. This morning we ate at a tiny crêperie. Lox, dill,  and havarti cheese.

I'm finishing this post from Mall of America. There is no free WiFi at the Hilton. Firstborn, Secondborn and BittyBit are shoe shopping for Secondborn. And I have had quite my fill of walking, so I am resting my feet and listening to (I think) Van Morrison crooning oldies but goodies. I'm about to head over to the record department to find out. It's seriously yummy.

You may not hear from me again until I'm back in Texas. I love this place. I want to come back. But right now I just want to be horizontal and unconscious. That's a ten minute walk to the train, half an hour on the train, and half a mile back to the hotel.

I couldn't have done this two years ago. So grateful.

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